Jubril Adekoya Making Name For Himself

When a prospect puts up big-time numbers throughout the high school season at a young age, colleges notice. Tinley Park Andrew's Jubril Adekoya had a big sophomore campaign, and his stock is on the rise.

Jubril Adekoya is a 6'-5" forward from Victor J. Andrew High School in Tinley Park, Illinois. The class of 2013 star recently finished up a successful sophomore campaign. He averaged 17 points and 10 rebounds a game this past season. Colleges like his combination of production and potential.

The sophomore discussed how his team played this past year.

"It was up and down. We were a pretty young team. We finished in the regional championship game and ended up losing. All in all, it was a good season for us."

He played major minutes for his team as a freshman, but this past season was the first time he was asked to be the man for his team. The sophomore feels he played well.

"I think I got better over the season. My coach gave me a lot of freedom to get better and get experience by letting me do what I wanted. Last year I started, but it really wasn't my team. This year it was kind of my team. I was captain, and things ran through me a lot."

Not too many coaches have the confidence to allow a sophomore to be the leader on the team. Was Adekoya nervous about taking on the role?

"I can't even lie, it was tough, but I was ready to take it on. Coach knew I could so I did."

The forward got to experience something this year that is rare. He played on the same varsity basketball team as his older brothers Jabbar and Jawad.

"It was cool. I got to appreciate it more. I know that nobody I have heard of has two brothers on their team like that. It was nice extension to the court from home."

How would Adekoya describe his game?

"I like to let the game come to me. I like to get my teammates involved and attack the glass a lot."

He had to be the guy to make the play for his team when it mattered most.

"My strength right now is my ability to come up in crunch time. It happened a lot this season where my team needed someone to step up, and I always came up during crunch time."

Adekoya understands at a young age teams are planning their defenses around him and how he has to adapt.

"A lot of teams in our league do scouting, so I would get double-teamed in the post in about 80% of the games I played. It was a big part for me to find teammates that were open."

He will compete this spring and summer on the AAU circuit with the 16 and under Meanstreets team. It is still very early in the recruiting process, but a few schools have shown interest in the sophomore.

"The ones I have been talking to most are Northwestern and DePaul. I have also got mail from Michigan St. and Oregon St."

The forward has taken visits to Purdue, Northwestern, and DePaul. He says Illinois has not been in contact yet, but he would certainly welcome it as he grew up a fan of the Illini. Adekoya especially likes how the Illini recruit.

"They have a lot of kids from Illinois. They keep it in the home state. I like Bruce Weber's playing style and how he fits his offense with his personnel."

Does he feel he would fit in that system?

"I think it works because of the kids he recruits. He goes after the kids he knows will fit that offense. He gives them a lot of freedom in it."

Adekoya says Illinois is a place he could see himself playing down the line.

"Of course. It is close to home. My parents would be able to come out every once in a while."

Illinois coaches Bruce Weber and Jerrance Howard have been regulars at Meanstreets AAU games over the years, as they are recruiting several players including Alex Foster. Do not be surprised if the next player they start to pursue off this Chicago power is Adekoya.

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