Illini Still Appeal To Jeremy Glinton

Football recruiting is a difficult, complex business. College coaches often don't have a feel for who they will eventually sign to scholarship tenders until late in the process. But sometimes, prospects want to commit to a school before they have a full understanding of it. Jeremy Glinton thought of committing to Illinois but was encouraged to wait awhile.

Jeremy Glinton is a standout receiver for Northeast High School in Oakland Park, Florida. He was provided a verbal offer from Illinois early this year. The rumor was he considered committing to the school.

"Actually, it was true. They didn't want me to jump into anything. They wanted me to make sure I'm ready for it, and also that I had a chance to check out the school.

"I hope to visit Illinois in the summer. It's a long way away. Hopefully I'll travel by plane and stay in a hotel overnight."

The Illini want him, but they want to make sure he and the school are compatible. Glinton trusts his UI recruiting coach Joe Gilbert.

"Coach Gilbert is a good guy. I tell you, he's a down-to-earth man. He keeps it real. He tells me how it is if I come to his school. He doesn't try to sugar-coat it just because he works there.

"Even though he works for Illinois, he actually wants me to make a good choice for me. That shows me that he cares more than about football. He cares about academics and how you are as a person."

An athlete with multiple offers should make a sound decision based on all possible factors, and Illinois has given Glinton that chance. Illini coaches want players who have studied all their options and still choose the UI. Glinton has plenty of options.

"I have 10 or 11 scholarship offers now. Duke, North Carolina State, Arizona, Arizona State, Illinois, Eastern Illinois, Western Kentucky, FIU, FAU, and Western Michigan. I know I'm missing someone."

He has also visited top programs in his home state.

"I've visited Florida schools like Florida State, Florida, FIU, FAU and Miami. I went to Miami four times. I live in Ft. Lauderdale, and it's about 30 minutes away."

The 6'-1", 175 pounder knows what he wants in a school.

"First of all academics. I want to major in Sports Management or Business. After that, it's culture and how the coaching staff did this last year. If it's a new coaching staff, and they have coached at another place, I check how their program did at that place too.

"I want to know how they are as a team on Saturdays. Are they arguing, is there camaraderie? I'm gonna stay there for all four years."

Glinton has qualities that should make him an excellent college receiver.

"My first strength is my blocking ability. And my hands, if it hits my hands, I'm not dropping it no matter where it's at. One hand, if it hits more than one finger tip it's caught. And my route running. People say in games my route running is precise.

"I try to market myself with route running like Chris Johnson, my toughness like Andre Johnson, and my blocking ability like Andre Johnson. They're beasts, and I try to be like them. If I can be like them, I try to be better than them."

Of course, he knows he needs to work daily on perfecting his craft.

"I want to work on everything. Nothing is polished to 100% in my game. I work on everything every day. Every possible thing I can think of, every day I practice for at least an hour.

"I work at getting bigger in the weight room. I work on running routes by myself, or if my quarterback is available I run routes for him. I work on my footwork, my whole game so I can get better 100% than I was the day before."

Glinton does more than play receiver for Northeast.

"I also play free safety. I don't start at free safety, but in some packages they put me in to be an athlete to get an interception."

He is a multiple sport athlete, which should make him even more appealing to college coaches.

"I run track, and I'm playing basketball next year. I made All-County in the high jump at 6'-4". A lot of coaches like that. I could have did better. I also run the 100 and 200. Coaches also like that I'm the fourth leg of the 4 X 100. That proves we're the best."

Northeast was strong last fall and should be even better this year.

"We did pretty well. We went to the third round and lost on the last play of the game. It was heart-wrenching.

We look very well this spring. We have a lot of injuries, little nicks, but when everyone gets healthy, we should be a very hard team to beat. About 90% of our team is back from last fall."

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