Dan Feeney Works Out With Coach Gilbert

Camp season is now upon us. While this is a good opportunity for football prospects to make a favorable impression and earn college scholarship offers, others take advantage of the opportunity to work with possible future coaches. Offensive lineman Dan Feeney has an offer from the Illini but worked out for that reason Monday.

Dan Feeney didn't need to visit the Illinois campus. After all, he visited for a Junior Day and the Spring Game. He didn't need a tour of campus either.

"I've been around. My mom went to school here. She's an alumni, so she took me around. I really like the campus."

The Carl Sandberg lineman didn't need to earn an Illini scholarship offer either, but he benefitted from working out Monday.

"I think it was a real good camp, and it was good to get some one-on-one time. I think it was definitely a good experience. I learned a lot."

His possible future line coach is Joe Gilbert. Feeney got a chance to find out what it might be like to be an Illini offensive lineman.

"I think he's a great coach. He really gets on you, but that's the way you learn. He's hands-on, and that's the best way for me. I learn faster that way than just having somebody talk to me about it."

The 6'-4", 290 pounder could have attended the larger Sunday camp at Lincoln-Way East High School, but the Monday camp on the UI campus was better for him.

"Coach Gilbert and I preferred it this way. You get more reps, more time to work with Coach. See how he reacts to you."

Did the camp bring him closer to an Illinois commitment?

"These guys definitely do have a great campus, and I love working with Coach Gilbert."

This was Feeney's first summer camp. He wants to compare several schools before finalizing any decision.

"I'm going to Indiana on the 18th and 19th, Wisconsin on the 20th and Northwestern on the 24th."

His college decision may be only a matter of weeks away.

"I'm probably gonna do it before the season. Maybe mid July, somewhere around there. I think everybody's even."

Feeney must mix college camps with his high school team's workouts. He is looking forward to his senior season.

"We're kind of doing our own thing right now. This is our week off, so we called each other up and got together. I worked with a lot of receivers because there weren't a lot of linemen who could come out. But it's a great thing to get out there and work with your teammates.

I think we'll be really great this fall. We have four returning senior linemen and a tackle fill-in who I think is gonna do a real good job this year. We've got a new quarterback from Providence; I'm pretty excited about him. Everybody's stepping up in the weight room and on the field, so I'm really excited about this year."

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