Will Christian Brown Follow Teammate To UI?

The Fighting Illini football coaching staff has been working to get a pair of athletes from Ft. Myers, Florida, to visit campus. Originally scheduled for a Junior Day in April, Tajarvis Fuller made it in June and committed. His friend Christian Brown didn't accompany him due to an unexpected emergency. Will Brown follow suit and commit to the UI with his friend?

Christian Brown is a 3-star defensive tackle from Dunbar High School in Ft. Myers, Florida. He and close friend Tajarvis Fuller planned to visit Illinois in April, but their coach couldn't escort them at the last minute. When they rescheduled for June, Brown couldn't accompany Fuller due to a death in the family.

Fuller committed to the Illini on his visit. Since both had talked about going to the same school, Brown was asked if his friend's commitment surprised him.

"Yes sir. I was surprised about it because I want to visit a school before I make my decision."

The 6'-2", 290 pounder explains the attraction to Illinois.

"Me and Coach Gilbert have a good relationship. We're tight. I was hoping to come up there, but now it appears it won't be until July."

Are any schools leading for his services?

"West Virginia, North Carolina State, and Illinois are my main interests so far."

Brown hasn't visited any of the three yet. He has visited two schools that have not offered him a scholarship.

"I've been to Miami and Florida State for Junior Days. But I haven't visited a school since."

Brown hints a package deal with Fuller is not set in cement.

"Who knows? I don't know what will happen. Tajarvis and I have talked about going to the same school, but who knows where I'll end up."

Whatever school gets him will have a good one.

"I cause traffic in the backfield. I like to hit people. Get after the quarterback and make plays."

He wants to improve one main aspect of his game.

"The main thing I want to work on is my speed."

The future Business major has basic qualities he seeks in his college preference.

"I want a college where I can fit in, a place that has nice facilities, and a place I can enjoy. That's it."

A couple young athletes from Dunbar flew up with Fuller and attended an Illinois one-day camp. Considering how talented they are, the man of few words was asked how his high school team looks this season.

"I think we're gonna be pretty good. I hope we do better than last year."

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