Jehu Chesson Maintains UI Interest

Fighting Illini football coaches held a number of one-day camps recently. One of the athletes who visited the coaches in Edwardsville was Jehu Chesson, the talented wide receiver from St. Louis. He has a number of offers but continues to have a strong interest in the Illini.

Jehu Chesson visited Illinois coaches at their one-day camp in Edwardsville. In particular, he wanted to renew acquaintances with assistant coach DeAndre Smith.

"Illinois was my first offer, so it's a special school to me. I really like Coach Smith, my recruiting coach. I hadn't seen him since spring, so we came out here to talk to him more."

The Illini offer started the ball rolling for Chesson, who wondered at one time whether any schools wanted his services.

"I've been getting a lot of offers, and I thank God for them. I think I have 14-15 offers. It's worked out pretty well. I came here to talk to the coaches again because it will be a busy summer, and I don't know if I will be able to make it back to the University of Illinois.

"The last couple offers were the University of Michigan and Oklahoma State. My others are Indiana, Purdue, Mizzou and Northwestern, to name a few. I can't remember all of them off the top of my head right now."

The rest of his summer is filled with visits to various schools.

"We're going down to Miami, and then we're gonna visit the University of Florida in Gainesville and meet coach (Aubrey) Hill. He was at Miami last year, but after the incident with Randy Shannon, he left Miami. So I'm gonna go down and visit him and see how I like it.

"I'm trying to get out this summer and see what types of schools and coaching staffs fit me. After Florida, my team is going to Illinois State for a team camp. And then I'm going to visit Stanford and then play it by to different campuses to see what I like."

LaDue is a small high school in St. Louis, but Chesson has big aspirations for it.

"My number one priority is working out with my team. We're gonna be pretty good. We lost a very good quarterback Kortney Webb, but we have Brandon Carr coming in to fill his shoes. He's a very talented quarterback. And I will bring what I can to the table to help us be successful."

The modest Chesson has talents college coaches seek.

"With my height (6'-3"), they'll probably put me as an outside receiver. I feel my assets are I can go up and get the ball, and my pregame planning is my biggest strength. I feel I can do the little things to be successful.

"Everybody has big hands, big arms, big body and can make the catch. It's the little things like footwork and speed that can separate you and put you on the next level."

Chesson is adaptable, feeling he can fit into any style offense.

"A lot of receivers like the spread offense, but I'm open right now. At Illinois, receivers get a lot of passes, but they also need to know how to block. I feel I'm a very good blocker, so that's one of the things I can bring to the team."

His popularity has made him more confident.

"It has, but it has also humbled me a lot. I'm not the only good player out there. Everywhere I go there's about 20 of me. You just have to thank God for everything and just believe you can do it regardless of what other people are doing."

Academics is important in deciding on a college for the intelligent Chesson.

"My main thing is my education, where I can fit in academically. I'm undecided on a major, so I feel I can get a better grasp on academics when I have a better idea what I want to do."

He will make an educated decision based on all the factors at hand.

"I'm probably gonna make known the schools I will consider by the end of summer. And hopefully my decision will fall sometime around Christmas."

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