Joe Spencer Happy With Illini Offer

It isn't easy to earn a scholarship offer from a high major football program during a one-day camp. Many top players already have offers, so college coaches can be selective. One must really make a great impression to turn their heads. Ohio center Joe Spencer did just that recently and was rewarded with a scholarship offer.

Joseph Spencer has multiple scholarship offers, but he came to an Illinois one-day camp determined to win another one. He accomplished his goal.

"It was very exciting. I talked to Coach (Jeff) Brohm after camp, and he let me know. It made my day. That's my first Big 10 offer."

The Mason, Ohio, native felt he had a great experience.

"I thought I camped really well. It was actually one of my first times doing live action during the one-on-ones. I thought that went well.

"I worked well with Coach (Joe) Gilbert and enjoyed working with him. Obviously, him being my position coach will be a big part of my decision. Overall, I felt I ran well and performed well."

Spencer and Gilbert are forming a good working relationship.

"I like him a lot. We worked together really well, and I got a good idea how it's gonna be in a practice setting. We really talked a lot too. We sat down and visited, so I have a pretty good rep with him right now."

Assets singled out by Spencer were obvious during camp.

"My athleticism and my ability to finish my blocks. That's what I pride myself on, and I'd say it's evident in my film when you watch it."

The 6'-3", 275 pounder is being recruited as a center. He is learning the position rapidly.

"I will be playing center this year for my high school team. I was a left tackle before that. I've been snapping all spring with my quarterback. I'm getting pretty used to it."

Gilbert has stated previously he wants centers who know their jobs and have perfected the various snaps required in a multiple offense. Spencer appeared adept at the shotgun snap in camp. Leadership and intelligence are major factors as well.

"I think center will be pretty good for me. My dad played center, and I kind of trained as a center when I was a kid.

"I like the leadership part of it and the thinking part of it, making the audible calls, things like that. It's something I will definitely embrace. I'm looking forward to it."

Spencer knows what he want in a school.

"Academics is big to me. I want a good academic school. Right now, I'm kind of leaning toward Business and Engineering. Those are my top two. It will take a lot of work either way, but I hope to balance it. It will be all right.

"Atmosphere, how I fit in with the guys on the team and the campus are important. And football-wise, I want to play top-notch football and become the best player I can be. I want a coaching staff that will push me to be that."

He will now focus on preparing for his senior season for Mason High School.

"I'm done with camps. I went to Northwestern, Virginia Tech and Illinois."

Spencer is hoping to finalize his college choice in the near future, once he sees who has offered him.

"Right now, I'm kind of feeling late summer. I'm getting through with the camp stuff, seeing where I'm at. I'll be able to make my decision off of that."

The June camp was not his first visit to Illinois. From the way he talks, the Illini are certainly in the running for his services.

"I came up in the spring and went around campus. This was my second time on campus. I like the campus and the whole atmosphere of the college. And the facilities are top-notch."

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