Defensive Tackle Nate Hoff Makes Impression

Large numbers of high school football players attend college summer camps to audition for scholarships. Many don't impress their dream schools, but at least they know they did their best. Ohio defensive tackle Nate Hoff had an excellent camp at Illinois and may be considered for a scholarship later this year.

Nate Hoff enjoyed the Illinois one-day camp he attended in June.

"I had a really good time. I was really surprised, it went really quick. I got a lot of good reps and learned a ton."

The Solon, Ohio, native has several college offers.

"I have six offers: Kent State, Ball State, Bowling Green, Toledo, Central Michigan and Air Force."

Hoping to garner some additional offers, Hoff made the summer camp circuit.

"I've been to Kentucky, Ohio State, Michigan State. Illinois is my last camp. It's been a long month, but I'm happy."

Listed at 6'-2", 285, he is likely a couple inches shorter than that. But he is tremendously aggressive and has a bull rush no one at camp could block effectively. He says Illini defensive line coach Keith Gilmore liked what he saw.

"Yes sir, they're very impressed. I have a very strong body. I'm a strong, very powerful kid. I probably need to work more on flexibility and agility. And they said I need to work on my hands. They said I use my power, but I should use my hands more."

He may not have the ideal measurements for a college defensive tackle, but he is no doubt a terror for Solon.

"I start both ways in high school. I play guard and defensive tackle. We did well last year. We went 10-0 on the season, then we went 2-1 in the playoffs. We lost to the state championship team in Ohio.

"We have three other players besides myself being recruited. I expect to have another good season, we think even better than last year."

Hoff will play somewhere and have an excellent college career. He has an idea what he wants from a school, but the criteria are no doubt adaptable depending on whether he obtains additional offers.

"I'm looking for great academics, great coaching staff, just a school that fits for me."

If the Illini offer, Hoff will likely give them strong consideration. He took a quick tour of campus before returning home after camp.

"We looked around awhile. You have a very beautiful campus."

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