Devin Langford Acclimating Quickly To UI

Better late than never. Versatile Alabama basketball star Devin Langford arrived on the Illini campus later than his fellow freshmen this summer. But he is beginning to acclimate to his new team and new environment. Langford may be the most intriguing new Illini as his unique skill set for his size lends itself to several positions.

Devin Langford came a long way to attend Illinois for college. But he has adjusted quickly to his new surroundings.

"I'm loving it. I'm getting into the atmosphere. I'm getting settled in. I'm feeling real good."

Langford is a man of few words, at least right now. He doesn't know his teammates well yet, but he's getting there.

"I'm still getting to know them a little bit, playing with them. They're real cool. I get along with them real good."

Does he miss his home yet?

"No homesickness yet, it's too soon."

Langford is known for his versatility. This allows him to adapt readily to different playing styles. He appears to be a quick learner.

"It's a different set of ball. I feel like I'm still getting used to it. It's really more physical, but I'll be good."

Despite being 6'-7", he has a point guard's mentality. It remains to be seen if he will play there, but his teammates will benefit from his team-first approach to the game. He describes what he considers his best traits on the floor.

"Making plays, being an asset and getting everybody involved in the game."

Seeing the physically strong bodies of his new teammates reminds the slender Langford what he needs to improve in college.

"I'd just say strength and being more physical."

Langford wore multiple hats for his Huntsville Lee High School team. He brought up the ball and was a prime distributor. But as the tallest member, he also had to be a primary rebounder and post defender. Plus, he served a leadership role.

"It was real tough. I had to be a leader. I had to talk to everybody, had to keep everybody up when they were down."

It was even tougher when his team traveled all the way to Champaign last December to play in a tournament at the Assembly Hall. He wanted to impress his future fans, but a case of the flu diminished his abilities and playing time. He still regrets it.

"I just hate that, anytime being hurt. Not being able to play, it was tough. I don't like just watching it. I like to be on the court playing."

Langford appears capable of the dawn to dusk nature of being a college athlete.

"Yeah, class, workout, study hall. It's just been weight lifting and pickups mostly. I'm going hard, trying to get ready for the season."

Has he been getting enough sleep?

"A little bit. I'm trying to get a good pattern going for my body."

Once media finished their interviews, they were required to leave as Illini players took the court for pickup games. On the way out, Langford could be seen bringing the ball up the court and swishing an 18 foot jumper. It is too small a sample size to know for sure, but seeing a tall, lanky athlete with his ball skills and shooting touch gave hope for a bright future.

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