2013 Tackle Kyle Bosch Rewarded On UI Visit

The Fighting Illini football coaching staff isn't limiting its attention to 2012 recruiting. Top 2013 players are drawing their attention as well. Wheaton St. Francis offensive tackle Kyle Bosch visited campus Thursday and received some good news.

Upcoming junior tackle Kyle Bosch made the trip to visit Illinois and was pleased he did.

"I visited Thursday. It went great; they offered."

The Wheaton St. Francis star provided a complete itinerary of his day on campus, organized by his recruiting coach Ron West.

"I went up there for about five hours. We got up there about 11:00 am, and then Coach West introduced me to the o-line coach. We talked for awhile, and then we walked around and talked a little with Coach West and him.

"After that, we broke off into the o-line meeting room and watched some film. We went over some of the plays, and their calling, and how they have 19 different protections. And how it correlates so well with the NFL because he says it helps a lot to prepare his players for the NFL. They don't run just one type of scheme.

"After that, we watched some film. He showed some of his players and bits and pieces of his practices, watched good technique drills. How they drop-stepped and all that stuff.

"Then I met with the Strength and Conditioning coach (Lou Hernandez). After that, I talked to Coach (Ron) Zook on the phone. He wasn't there because he was at the Big 10 Conference meeting. Then we talked to Coach West a little bit and headed out."

Bosch was quite complimentary of the Illini coaching staff and the program.

"Coach Gilbert was very knowledgeable and very up-front about everything. He was telling me about their program and what he expects. I was very pleased with the coaching staff. I was very pleased with Coach Gilbert. I really like the U of I."

Bosch is already becoming a national-level recruit.

"Besides Illinois, I have offers from Iowa, Michigan State, Indiana, Arizona and West Virginia. It's very exciting. Besides the schools that have offered me so far, I've visited West Virginia, Penn State, Purdue, Wisconsin and Notre Dame."

The 6'-5", 270 pounder has a good idea what he wants from a college, even though he has two more years of high school ahead of him.

"I'm looking for a team where I get along with the staff and the people on the team since I will be them for 4 to 5 years. And then academics, I need a good school so I can have something to fall back on. Just a place where I can see myself for the next 4-5 years, not just football-wise but socially and academically.''

The Illini pride themselves on the ability of their players to recruit future teammates, but most of the team had left for a brief vacation prior to the start of practice Thursday. That experience will have to wait for another day.

"We met a couple freshmen briefly when we went to the weight room. I don't remember their names. They were saying their freshman workout at 3:00 pm was their last workout before practices begin."

Bosch shared his assets as an offensive lineman.

"I come off the ball with a little extra fire. I play with a chip on my shoulder. I don't play dirty, but I don't play in a shell. I'm always very intense off the ball. I don't talk trash, I just come off with a little something extra on my shoulder.

Of course, there are always things to work on when you're an offensive lineman.

"I need to work on pass protection. We don't pass as much as a lot of other teams. We are a running team and pass about 5 times a game, while most teams pass around 13-14 times a game.

"So I didn't get as much time to practice pass protection last year. But this year we're throwing a lot more, so I'll be able to practice pass pro a lot more than I have in the past."

Bosch also expects to play defensive tackle this season.

"I do pretty well. Last year, I didn't get to play there as much as I wanted to because we didn't have any other left tackles. So they wanted to keep me fresh for the offense. I only played when we needed a goal-line stand or a sack."

Wheaton St. Francis has a chance to go far in the 5-A state championships this season.

"I honestly think we have a very legitimate shot to win state this year. We have almost all returning starters except for o-line and d-line. Me and my right tackle are returning on the offensive line, and the defensive line is returning me and another defensive end.

"Other than that, our whole backfield and whole defensive backfield is returning. And the wide receivers are all here, so I think we'll have a very good season."

If everything works out, Bosch will be attending an Illini home game this fall.

"I'm going to try to make it down to one of the games this fall, probably against Wisconsin. But if not then, after the season I'll try to make it down before their season ends. We have games on Friday but practices Saturday mornings. I'd have to skip one of those. I don't know how that would go over."

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