Bremen's David Smith Visits Illinois Practice

Fighting Illini football practices continue to attract high school prospects. Saturday's visitor was running back David Smith from Midlothian. He says the Illini are definitely in his top group of schools, but he won't make up his mind until after the football season.

Bremen High School running back David Smith visited Illinois football practice Saturday. The last time he visited was for spring ball.

"This is my first time here since April. We're just trying to see my state school."

Smith is considering the Illini among his top group.

"Illinois is my state school, so they'll be in the running for sure. They'll be in my top group. I'm trying to get down to my top 5 to 7 schools by August 20th when school starts."

What does he want in a school?

"All the schools have nice campuses, facilities, all of that. But the main factor is trying to find a home away from home, just a family feeling I'd say. That's what I'm searching for."

Smith says he is open to a variety of offensive styles.

"There's no specific offense I'm looking for really. As long as I get the ball."

Will the Illini's reputation for producing top running backs influence your decision-making?

"Yes sir."

Speaking before practice Saturday, Smith explained his desire to watch his friend Josh Ferguson, a freshman running back, in action.

"I'll be watching Ferguson today. I talk to him a bit. I ran track against him my first two years in high school. He's pretty fast. The first time we ran, he beat me."

Smith also has a good relationship with Illinois running back coach DeAndre Smith.

"I talk to Coach Smith every two weeks or so. Just constant contact really."

Previous reports have listed Smith as favoring Indiana. Is that still true?

"I could say that, but I went to Cincinnati two days ago, and it was kind of impressive as well. Cincinnati is an underrated place, I'd say. So they should be in the running too. It was a very nice place."

Each school makes a good impression. In the final analysis, Smith will need time to figure out the best one for him.

"It's gonna be a hard choice, I know that. It'll come down to me talking to my mom. I will make a decision after football season is over."

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