Jalen James Diary Entry #2: Exclusive

The Fighting Illini basketball team is off to a good start in 2013 recruiting. Chicago Hope point guard Jalen James has committed, and he is helping attract other top prospects to the school. He is also sharing a regular diary with InsideIllini.com, updating Illini Nation on his life and game.

Hey Illini Nation, this is Jalen with Diary #2! Everything has been great so far. My calf is 100%, and I'm back working out getting better every day!

School just started last week for me. I'm now a junior. It feels kind of weird because things are going by so fast for me. School and my classes are great.

I'm really focusing this year to get great grades and State Championship #1! I go to the gym every day after school and work with the best. I've been training hard with my point guard skills.

I've been shooting lights out. I hit 20 threes in a row, missed 2 and knocked out 10 after! I wouldn't call it luck; I think it's hard work paying off! If I keep working hard, "My" state Championship will come easy for me to take from whoever!

I have 4 goals:

* Work hard in the class room.

* Get good grades.

*Hold whoever I guard under 8 points.

* Take my State Championship.

Anyway, my family is great and doing well! I still have a couple of people who think Illinois is a dumb choice for me. I really don't care what they think. I'm going to play hard, win and help take Illinois to the top level!

My high school season is almost here! I'm starting AAU workouts with the Illinois Wolves September 11. I also start Fall League at Whitney Young, playing vs some of the best schools in the city!

:) Illni Nation. Let me get back to studying so I can complete my 1st 2 goals! Hope everyone is doing well out there! Go Illinois!!!!!!!!

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