Dominique Matthews Enjoys UI Visit

A pair of brothers visited Champaign this past weekend. Dominique Matthews had a solid freshman season at St. Rita and played well with the Mustangs on the AAU circuit. He talks with us about his visit to campus Saturday.

Dominique Matthews is a 6'-2" combo guard from St. Rita High School. The sophomore has been to the Illinois campus before, playing in the team tournament this summer. But he experienced a more structured visit Saturday. He breaks down what happened while on campus.

"It was really good. We got a chance to play with some of the players there. They took us on a tour of the school. I learned a lot about the school in just the one day there."

Although he enjoyed touring the campus and seeing Illini Nation out and about, the best part for him was on the court.

"Playing with the team was the best. They are all good people, and they are my type of guys to play around. I think I did well in the scrimmage. I have been lifting weights, and it showed against them."

He picked up several pointers he will take back home with him.

"I learned I have to continue to get stronger and talk with others on the floor."

He and his family had a nice conversation with Illinois Coach Bruce Weber Saturday. Matthews says they have been trying to get him and his brother Charles down for awhile.

"Coach Jerrance (Howard) has been calling my mom, trying to get us down there for the longest time."

Matthews also enjoyed catching up with a couple of Chicago rivals.

"I knew Tracy Abrams and Mike Shaw from last year when I played them in the Catholic League."

He was impressed with what the Illini had to show during his time in Champaign.

"It is my type of school. I like everything about the school down there."

The combo guard feels his style of play fits in well with what the Illini like to do, especially in the transition game.

"I like that about them. I like playing in the transition and fast-paced game."

What type of player is the older Matthews brother?

"I am a scorer, but some people think I am a point guard because I am only 6'-2." I am a point guard and shooting guard because I play both positions well."

The dynamic playmaker will be a prospect to watch in 2011-2012 on an exciting St. Rita team.

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