Exclusive: Jalen James Diary Entry #3

As a continuing series of exclusive updates, Fighting Illini 2013 basketball commit Jalen James is writing a diary of his life in school and with basketball. James visited campus last weekend to watch the practice/scrimmage at the Assembly Hall. He provides a brief description while providing other tidbits about his life and family.

Hey Illini Nation, what's up? Just got done studying for some of my mid terms! Yeah, it's about that time of the year! I have mid terms this week, and the A.C.T. Saturday, maybe the most important week of my life!

School has been going great. I'm starting to understand Physics MUCH better! I've been staying after school getting help with that, so now it's coming easy!

Workouts have been great with my brother. He's pushing me harder to become a way better point guard. And Fall league games have been great.

I've just been playing to work on different parts of my game! My jump shot is getting better every day. I want my shot on Sam's (Maniscalco's) level, if that's not asking for much, Lord! Haha!

My family is great. My brother is having a baby, yikes. Yes, I'm an uncle!

I really had a great time with Malcolm (Hill) and Mike Orris 2013 commit and 2012 commit, on our last visit this past weekend. We watched the team practice, and we went to the football game. The fans are GREAT! I really love you guys with all my heart!

Oh, one more thing. It's a must that I come down to Illinois to watch the ladies' Vball team <3 :)))

Basketball season is almost here. I hope to see some Illini fans at my games during the road to "TAKE" my state championship ring! ;) I won't let you guys down!

Go Illini sports and Packers :))))!!!!!

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