Kierre Perkins One To Follow For 2014

When viewing young prospects, coaches are looking at many aspects. Two at the top of the list are athleticism and upside. Kierre Perkins of Morgan Park has plenty of both. The sophomore will be taking on a bigger role for Morgan Park this winter.

Kierre Perkins can kind of get lost in the shuffle with all the high major prospects at Morgan Park. But his play with the Mac Irvin Fire 15 and Under, one of the top young teams in Illinois, that he has what it takes to be a key contributor as a sophomore.

"The Mac Irvin Fire is a great program. We have a lot of top players. I am one of the main players helping the team out. We have a lot of players trying to come with us. I think I have played great and gotten better as a player."

As a freshman at Morgan Park, Perkins took the opportunity to listen to his older teammates and learn from them.

"Wayne Blackshear helped me keep on task in coming to practice and getting better as a player. As a freshman, I think I played well. I learned a lot from my eighth grade year to high school. I think I have gotten better."

The 6'-5" forward shares the type of player he is.

"I run the floor. I get most of my points running the floor."

Perkins is a bouncy athlete who scores off his athleticism. He needs to improve his skill set to reach his ultimate potential. Colleges are starting to show interest in the 2014 prospect. Illinois and UIC have both reached out to him. Perkins talked about what he has heard from Illinois.

"I got a letter from them saying they like how I play and to send my information back to them."

The Illini are known as a transition team that likes to get up and down the floor. Perkins loves the transition game.

"I like playing up and down because my game is fast-paced. I would like to go to a college that runs the floor a lot."

He doesn't plan on making a college decision for awhile.

"I haven't really been looking into colleges yet. I am trying to wait until I am a junior to see what I come up with."

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