Chicago Orr Sophomore Improving Rapidly

The Fighting Illini basketball coaching staff is wise to evaluate young players extensively before offering scholarships. Not all players develop at an early age, so saving scholarships for late bloomers has merit. For example, Chicago Orr sophomore Tyquone Greer is just beginning to show his true potential.

Tyquone Greer is a rapidly developing sophomore basketball player at Chicago Orr High School. According to his assistant coach Phil Gibson, he hasn't played ball long.

"He didn't really play ball until 8th grade, so he never really got fame. Last year was the first year he really came on the radar. Right now he's still working at it, but he's on his way up.

"He didn't play varsity ball last year, so this is really his first year to experience everything. He averages about 10 points and five rebounds."

Gibson describes Greer's game.

"He plays a little point guard. He plays the 1 through 4. He's very versatile. He can handle the ball like a point guard. He comes down and calls the plays.

"He's about 6'-6" and handles the ball good for a big guy. He can shoot it pretty well, and he can go to the bucket with it. He can rebound too."

Greer admits he needs work in some areas.

"At the next level, I'll probably play shooting guard, so I need to work on my dribbling a lot more. My weakness right now is I don't really have a position. I'm an all-around player. I can play the post, I can play the wing, I can play it all."

Illinois freshman Myke Henry is Gibson's nephew, and Greer says they are like brothers. The two are different players, but Greer compares favorably at the same age according to Gibson.

"He's a different player than Myke Henry. If I could compare him with Myke in their sophomore years, he's way ahead of Myke. As a sophomore, he can handle the ball better than Myke and has better skills than Myke. But he can't shoot as well as Myke."

Greer says a number of schools are in touch.

"I've heard from a lot of schools. Ohio State, Baylor, U of I, Northwestern and a couple more good schools. So far, I've visited Illinois and Loyola."

What does he think of the Illini?

"I like the program. I watch the Big 10 "Journey" a lot."

Of course, at this point he favors Ohio State for the same reason. But Illini assistant Jerrance Howard is trying to make up ground.

"Jerrance is my man."

Joe Henricksen, author of the City/Suburban Hoops Report, considers Greer a top 10 prospect in the state of Illinois for 2014. He believes Greer has tremendous potential.

"Greer has some of that crazy talent. Athletic, bouncy, wiry wing with length and very little fanfare thus far. When Greer starts to better utilize his athletic and scoring gifts by refining his ball handling, his stock and production will soar.

"At the same stage, he's a better prospect than former Orr star Mycheal Henry, who blossomed as a high-major in the eyes of the Hoops Report in the middle of his junior year. Hoops Report believes Greer will be a high-major player if his progression continues over the next two years."

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