2014 Milik Yarbrough Visits Illini again

High school basketball players all want to showcase their abilities for college scouts. So a teacher strike causing game cancellations can be a frustrating setback. That is the situation Milik Yarbrough faced earlier this month. Fortunately for him, his talents are already well known. He has made several trips to Illinois, including for the OSU game last week.

Milik Yarbrough loved watching the Illini beat Ohio State recently. He likes Illinois and his recruiting coach Jerrance Howard, so the upset win reinforced those feelings.

Of course, he claims no college favorites at this time.

"A lot of schools are contacting me. Miami, a lot of schools in the Big East and Big 10, and a couple from the Big 12."

He has a general idea what he seeks in a college.

"I want to go to a school where I can contribute. A place where I can play hard and fit in with everybody."

Yarbrough had some free time to attend the OSU game. A teacher's strike at Zion-Benton High School idled his basketball team since December 23rd. The strike is over now, and his team played a game again last Saturday. He feels the forced delay might prove beneficial in the long run.

"I think we're gonna be really exciting. I think we'll play real well because we'll be so excited to play again."

Yarbrough has a well-developed driving game. He can take most defenders off the dribble for layups or free throws. He is working to become a more well-rounded scoring threat.

"I've been working on my game, especially my jump shot. I want to use the jump shot instead of going to the hole all the time. And I want to create for other people."

The sophomore played for the Mac Irvin Fire 15 and Under team last summer.

"My AAU season went all right, but I could have done better. I wasn't playing my right position because we were kind of small. When I get to play my right position, things will go better."

He is uncertain what AAU team will benefit from his services in the spring.

"I haven't figured that out yet. It will probably be either the Fire or the Chicago Magic."

Yarbrough has an older brother playing college ball at Fort Hays State in Kansas, a Division-II school. He believes he is still growing.

"I'm 6'-6" now. I want to be a lot taller than that."

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