Exclusive: Jalen James Diary #4--New School

What would life be without constant changes? Whether welcome or not, they allow us chances to learn and grow as we adapt and solve problems. Fighting Illini 2013 point guard commit Jalen James underwent a major change recently, transferring to a prep school. In a continuation of his popular diary entries, James talks about his new school and updates Illini fans on his progress.

What's up, Illini Nation? This is Jalen with Diary #4! I know it's been awhile, but I'm back. I guess you can say we have a lot to catch up on!

I now go to school in Indiana, La Lumiere Prep School. My parents and I thought it was a better situation for me to better myself in the classroom!

Here at LaLu, I get way more 1-on-1 attention and way more time to get my work done. We have study tables every night as a team, so it's a must that I get my work done and do great.

I'm starting ACT prep classes so I can get ready for the ACT. Otherwise, everything is great at my new school. The kids are cool, and my teammates are great!

It's kind of weird that I'm playing with an Indiana commit and two Purdue commits, and I'm going Illinois o-o . Basketball has been going great at my new school! We are now 20 - 2, and we are ranked 11th in the Nation. I did start off slow because of the fact that I had to get uses to a new style of play and learn way more sets than my old school.

Getting my body ready is my main focus for basketball! As of now, we hit the weights two times a week because we are still playing. Once we're done, we will hit the weights hard!

My family is doing great. I am now an uncle to Jahn Liam James, my brother's 1st born :).

I've been watching Illinois basketball. We will be okay I think, we are just having some growing pains right now. Once they all come together and cut down on 3's, they can't be stopped!

AAU is going to start soon and yes, I'm still playing for the Illinois Wolves. Things should be real interesting this spring/summer. The Wolves's coaching staff will have us ready for anything, plus we have a lot of talent on our 15, 16, and 17U teams this year.

Sorry that I have to cut it short. I have to get ready for practice! I will keep in touch. I will be back soon for Diary #5. Let's go, Illini Basketball!

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