Maryland Linebacker Considering Illinois

The Fighting Illini are among a number of suitors for a two-way Maryland star. Zach Bradshaw is a wide receiver and outside linebacker. He has potential on both sides of the ball, but it appears the Illini have offered him a scholarship for defense.

Zach Bradshaw has at least 14 scholarship offers, with more likely to follow.

"Maryland, WVU, Virginia, Rutgers, Michigan, NC State, Duke, Northwestern, Boston College, Georgia Tech, Purdue, Illinois, Temple, and South Carolina have all offered me. No colleges really stick out to me yet; everyone is still in play."

Illinois is recruiting him as an outside linebacker or safety. Bradshaw is awaiting clarification as to how the Illini wish to position him in their defense.

"Honestly, it will depend on how they do things in their system. If they do things a certain way, there may be a specific position I want to play. If they don't, then it may not matter. In the end, I just want to play."

The 6'-3", 205 pounder believes he has the skills to play on both sides of the ball.

"Offensively, I would have to say my strengths are my size and my strength. And on defense, I'd say my speed and pass coverage are pretty good."

He wants to continue building his weight and strength before college.

"Just like everyone else, you can always get faster and stronger, so I've been working on that lately. My size isn't a problem in high school, but I need to get bigger for college."

Illini assistant coach Chris Beatty recruits Maryland.

"Coach Beatty is the coach recruiting me. I've only had the chance to talk to him once, but he seems like he is good coach."

That would help meet one of Bradshaw's requirements for selecting a college.

"I just want to be able to feel comfortable with the coaches, and I want it to be a college I want to go to even if I wasn't playing football there."

Bradshaw expects to continue a busy visit schedule.

"I have not been able to get there. I'm going to try to get to every place that's offered me, but I just haven't been able to find my way to Illinois yet."

Damascus had success in 2011, and Bradshaw expects more this fall.

"I don't remember my stats, but I do know I had a really good season. And so did my team; we made it to the second round of the playoffs, which I was happy about.

"We're returning 19 of our 22 starters from last season, so I believe we have a very good shot at reaching state."

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