Penn WR Flies Into C-U For Junior Day

Most participants in college football Junior Days travel to campuses from nearby homes. So when one travels all the way from Pennsylvania to Champaign for a Junior Day, it is significant.

Wide receiver Jordan Davenport and his dad flew to Illinois from Pittsburgh for a Junior Day March 10. Speaking during the Illinois football practice that day, Davenport seemed pleased with what he was seeing.

"I'm definitely enjoying my visit. I especially liked the Gauntlet drill. As much hype as there was, I was just expecting a lot of pushing and shoving. But they really got into it, and I really liked the physical aspect.

"For individual groups, it's much more than I saw in high school because we don't really have individual sessions. So I definitely liked the individual sessions with the receiver coach."

Illini assistant coach Steve Clinkscale is recruiting Davenport.

"I think he's cool. He really knows what he's talking about. He's come all the way out to recruit me, and I really appreciate that."

What does he think of Illinois?

"I've seen Illinois on TV a lot, and I like them. They play Ohio State a lot, and they produce a lot."

OSU was his favorite growing up, so the reference is significant.

"I just wanted to go to Ohio State after the Ted Ginn-Troy Smith era."

He expects to receive some college offers in the near future.

"I've had no offers yet, but I've still got to take my SATs, which are upcoming. Those schools that are contacting me include Pitt, Michigan State, West Virginia, Wesleyan, Buffalo, Missouri, Marshall, Slippery Rock, Georgia Tech and Illinois."

The 6'-4", 170 pounder says field awareness is one of his main assets.

"My strengths are reading the defense and adjusting my route to what the cornerback is doing. I know whether to go deep or cut off, or to cut in or cut out. I know where to go."

He is working on his weaknesses.

"I definitely still need to work on my receiving ability and route-running ability, catching the ball and jump balls. I'm a jump ball-type receiver."

His Penn Hills High School team had an average year in 2011, something Davenport hopes to improve this season.

"We did all right. We went to the first round of the playoffs. We went 5-5 and got off to a shaky start, but we won five in a row to get the playoffs. I had 12 catches for 211 yards. I did what I can to help the team."

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