St. Louis Lineman Attracting UI Interest

The Fighting Illini continue to seek extra depth in the offensive line. Besides those who already have scholarship offers, there are a number of others who could impress enough for offers later this year. One of those is St. Louis lineman Myles McIntyre. He attended a Junior Day and left with a strong impression of the Illini and their coaching staff.

Myles McIntyre plays for McCluer North High School in St. Louis. He feels he had a quality junior season.

"It went great. I felt like I did my job on the o-line, dominating my opponents. I also had a lot of fun with my teammates, my brothers, just going out there and working as hard as we could to come out with a win. I feel that my junior season was a great success."

He hopes his team has a standout 2012 season despite graduation losses.

"We lost a lot of seniors from this year's 2012 class that helped us a tremendous amount. But we also have juniors and sophomores that will step up big next year and play McCluer North football!"

McIntyre appears to have the necessary credentials to play major college football.

"I would definitely say my 6'-4", 317 pound frame is a big strength in my game. I also have quick feet for a big guy like myself, and I have good football IQ, meaning I can pick up on a lot of different schemes a defense can throw at me. In addition, I listen to my coaches a lot, so I progress as the season goes on. Lastly, I bench press 340 pounds and squat 450 pounds."

Offensive linemen must work as a cohesive unit. McIntyre understands his responsibility to communicate with teammates and wants to work harder on that aspect of his game.

"The first thing I need to improve on is on-field communication; I feel I lacked that just a bit this past season. Secondly is my leadership; this year I mostly led by example on the field and in the classroom. I don't say much because I'm so focused on football, and I let my skills do the talking for me.

"But I need to have a more one-on-one connection with those underclassmen that probably look up to me. I want those underclassmen to be better than I am now when they get to this point in their high school football career."

McIntyre enjoyed visiting Illinois for a Junior Day.

"First we took a tour of the facility, and then we watched game film. After that, we toured the campus of the University of Illinois and just got a feel for the whole atmosphere. During the visit and after, I was thinking, 'Wow, Illinois is a great university for both athletics and academics!'

"The weight room was the highlight of it all. It was enormous, and the facility was very comfortable and laid back."

The UI reminded him of what he wants in a college.

"Illinois has a lot of qualities I look for in a college. I look first at academics because football will only take me so far. I look for distance from home, not that I will get homesick, but rather if my family wants to come see me or so I could get home quick if something happened.

"I look at how diverse the college is, and the type of football program the college has. I love a college that has tradition. Last but not least, I look at the campus of a college to see if it fits me." Illini assistant coach Tim Salem has made a strong impression on the young giant.

"At first, Coach Salem seemed like a very stern, hard-nosed guy, which I'm sure is for the good for his players. But as time went along, I figured out he's a pretty cool person as well. As far as coaching, I'm not sure because I haven't had him as a coach. But if he coaches as good as he recruits, then I'm sure he's a great coach also."

McIntyre has no offers yet, but plenty of schools are curious.

"I'm keeping my eyes open. Illinois, Iowa, Mizzou, Kansas, Iowa State, Northern Iowa, Wisconsin and Ball State are recruiting me the heaviest."

He also throws the shot in track each spring, which he feels helps him with football.

"I like to say I'm above average at track, throwing 45 ft. It helps me during football because it mainly focuses on body control and footwork, a major part to being a lineman. It also helps me stay in shape."

He is formulating plans for summer visits.

"I want to try to come up to Illinois, Alabama, Mizzou and possibly Iowa this summer. I will probably visit more, but they will be later on in the summer."

If the Illini offer, it appears they will be in good shape with McIntyre.

"Illinois has a great football program, led by an outstanding coaching staff, and there's no doubt in my mind that they will accomplish some great things this year."

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