Wait Soon Over On Mosely College Decision

Decision time is coming soon. O'Fallon cornerback Darius Mosely has chosen June 23 as the day to announce his college future. Five finalists including Illinois are as much in the dark as everyone else regarding his preference. Whoever gets him will have a good student-athlete with a promising future.

Darius Mosely has a plan. He will announce his college decision on June 23. Why that date?

"That is my uniform number."

There will be no formal press conference, no select-the-hat intrigue for the O'Fallon star.

"I'm just gonna call the coach and maybe announce it on Facebook. Actually, I'll be in Texas playing for Team USA."

Mosely lists his final five.

"My top five are Illinois, Vanderbilt, Iowa, Michigan State and Arizona State."

You can count on him and his family keeping their secret. Not even his high school coach knows what college he will attend.

"Mom and dad know, but I'm telling no one else."

Whatever school he chooses will meet his criteria.

"First and foremost will be academics. The academic reputation has to be high so I can get a good degree. Then the football program and early playing time if possible. And then the overall environment."

Mosely is debating between two majors.

"I've been going back and forth with Engineering and Business."

The 5'-10", 185 pounder is a two-way performer for O'Fallon but will concentrate on defense in college.

"My junior year, I played wide receiver and safety. I'll be playing wide receiver and safety this year also. I am being recruited as a cornerback."

He describes his abilities and something he wants to improve.

"On the defensive side, it's my vision on the field and being able to see man and ball. And being able to adjust when the ball is in the air. I want to work on my off-technique, working on my footwork and getting it down pat."

Mosely has good things to say about Illinois on at least two subjects.

"They are great coaches; I really like them. They are very nice. You can talk to them. Overall, they're good people.

"It's a nice campus. It is big with a lot of students. It's a place where you can have fun. I like colleges with big campuses."

The wait will soon be over.

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