2014 Chicago Orr Wing Loves UI Visit

Chicago Orr has a couple promising 2014 prospects on its basketball team. Wing Tyquone Greer joins Marlon Orr as a 1-2 punch for the Spartans. With two more years together, the dynamic duo could have a major impact on Chicago Public League competition. As for Greer, he is working on making himself an all-around threat.

Chicago Orr junior Tyquone Greer, whose mother resides in Champaign-Urbana, visited the Illinois campus in late April. He was impressed.

"It was nice, I loved it. I got to take a tour of the whole campus and got see what it looks like."

He also enjoyed meeting head coach John Groce and his staff.

"I like the new coaches. They're cool coaches."

The 6'-5" Greer has excellent athleticism and plenty of raw potential that needs refinement. A natural scorer, he has made improvements since last summer.

"I'm being aggressive, and I'm working on my dribbling and shooting. More outside to inside work."

He needs to add new elements to his game and expand old ones to be a top-caliber college recruit.

"I want to work on my all-around game, including defense and being even more aggressive."

Greer had to change AAU teams recently. The Chicago Magic disbanded, so Greer returned to his Meanstreets roots just prior to the May tourneys.

"We recently had to make the transition because the Magic no longer exists. So I decided to go with Mainstreets. I played with Meanstreets last year, but it's taking awhile to get used to each other again."

Greer scored well in his first three games with Meanstreets in Fort Wayne in early May despite being a sub.

"I had 22, 20 and 18 points in the three games. This was my first tournament with Meanstreets, so I had to come off the bench. I hope to start after a couple more tournaments."

Greer and 6'-9" 2014 teammate and friend Marlon Jones will be the strength of the Orr team for the next two years.

"We really do have a pretty good team coming up. We're young; we'll be missing a lot of seniors. But I think we'll be a lot better this year. Me and Marlon are just juniors, so we have two years to play together."

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