Football Sport Of Choice For Gelen Robinson

Basketball may be in his blood, but his body is built for football. Gelen Robinson, son of former Purdue and NBA star Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson, attended a recent Fighting Illini summer camp and made a strong impression. The 2014 linebacker/defensive end showed significant promise.

Among the participants at the Illinois football summer camp at Chicago Mt. Carmel High School was Gelen Robinson. He appeared to benefit.

"It was a good camp and a good experience. I enjoyed the one-on-ones and the agility drills.

Illinois coaches wanted to see what the 6'-3", 230 pounder could do as a pass rusher.

"I just worked on the d-line, but I play linebacker and defensive end. I've been playing d-end all my life, but I do like linebacker. The two are about even. I think I did pretty good at the one-on-ones at defensive end."

He has attributes necessary to be a quality college football player in a couple years.

"I think I'm pretty powerful off the ball, and my speed is pretty good."

Robinson is always looking to improve his game.

"At defensive end, I'm always trying to get faster off the ball. As a linebacker, I'm working on my pass coverage."

Robinson's father Glenn was a Purdue basketball star who played professionally, and his older brother Glenn Jr. will be a freshman basketball player at Michigan this fall. When asked about basketball, Gelen Robinson's response was short and to the point.

"I wrestle during basketball season."

Will his brother influence him to attend Michigan?

"Not really. It would be really cool to go to school with my brother, but I'm making my own path."

A number of colleges have inquired about the 2014 prospect.

"A couple of schools are keeping in touch like Illinois, Michigan, Notre Dame a little bit, and a couple other schools here and there. I can't think of them all off the top of my head. I have no offers yet."

Robinson wants a school that provides much more for him than just football.

"Besides the athletics, I want a school with good academics. And a school that welcomes me not only to the football team but to the school."

Lake Central High School in St. John, Indiana, has enjoyed recent success. Robinson expects more of the same this fall.

"Our team did pretty good last year. We went 8-2. We lost to the same team twice, the second time in the playoffs. We lost a couple good guys, but we're definitely replacing them with underclassmen. I think our upper classes are pretty good too."

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