Hermosillo Considering Baseball Also

It's always nice to have options. In the case of Ottawa star Miguel Hermosillo, both football and baseball figure into his future. The Fighting Illini have told him he could play both sports in college, but professional baseball is also an option. His future is bright, but he must make some important decisions.

Miguel Hermosillo has an offer to play football at Illinois. He has also picked up offers from NIU and Toledo, joining EIU and WIU. He attended a summer camp at Arizona State and hopes to receive an offer from them since he used to live in Phoenix.

The running back/slotback is looking for a combination of the right head coach and position coach, the attitudes and focus of the incoming class of recruits and a strong academic program.

"The colleges I'm looking at all have a lot of that, Illinois being one that has most of those things right now."

However, he has other options besides football. Hermosillo also has a talent for baseball. He plays center field for Ottawa High School and is looking to pursue this after high school as well.

"For U of I and NIU, I can play baseball at both. I already talked to coach (Tim) Beckman, and he said that as long as I manage things, it shouldn't be a problem, and at NIU, Coach (Dave) Doeren said I could do both. I've definitely wanted to be a dual sport athlete in college. I know it's tough, but I feel that I could be the type of person to do it."

The 5'-10", 190 pounder does not want to drag out the recruiting process, but his potential in baseball could complicate matters.

"I definitely want to make a college decision pretty soon, and once I commit I wouldn't be looking elsewhere. The only reason I wouldn't go to school is if I was drafted by a major league team in a round that I just couldn't pass up.

"There are scouts that have told me that they could see me going anywhere from the top 5 rounds to top 10 rounds or top 15. The first 10 rounds is something that I would have to consider, but it's not something I'm planning on, just something I'm hoping for.

"But I would love the opportunity to play college football. [The MLB draft] is not something I'm really worried about, but if the situation presents itself, I'll just have to deal with it then."

For now, the upcoming high school football season dominates his thoughts.

"Getting to the playoffs. We didn't achieve that goal last year, and we had plenty of opportunities to do that. So this year, being a senior captain, our main goal is to get to the playoffs. Individual stats will take care of themselves, but as long as we can win, I'll be happy."

Hermosillo has a lot on his plate to balance.

"Just being able to manage both school and football, and then baseball in the spring. I guess the biggest thing outside of sports would be getting in the weight room and preparing myself for college."

Fortunately, he has strong support from his family.

"At first, it was just (my mom) raising me until third grade, growing up in Arizona. She had to sacrifice a lot just to raise me, working two jobs. Then my mom met my stepdad, who became my real dad by adoption.

"Ever since then, he's been a big impact on my life. I probably wouldn't be playing football if it wasn't for him, and I probably wouldn't be where I'm at if he wasn't in my life. The way he pushes me, gets me to work and teaches me life lessons and discipline."

Hermosillo's educational plans include studying communication or journalism and pursuing a career in sports broadcasting or reporting.

"I've always liked to write. I love sports and talking about sports; it's just a comfort level that I have. I think it would be a great job to work for Sportscenter and ESPN or something in that category."

Hermosillo has some important decisions to make. Even if he commits to a football program, his future may not be known until next June's MLB draft.

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