Illini Host Top 2015 PG

High profile 2015 point Hyron Edwards visited Illinois Saturday and left with a scholarship offer from coach John Groce.

Only a rising sophomore, East Chicago, IN point guard Hyron Edwards is already well affixed to a lot of college recruiting boards.  One of the top point guards in the 2015 class, Edwards checked out Illinois on Saturday and got a glimpse of Illinois Basketball.

"The academic standards and what they're doing in the gym," he said when asked what stood out. "They're working to make everything fresh.  That and I liked the staff a lot."

Edwards broke down each area about his visit.

Especially important to the 2015 star is academics.  Edwards, like a lot of other athletes, understands the importance of being well rounded and being a true "student athlete."

"Yeah.  Academics are going to be really important to me.  I have to make sure I have my academics in order as well as my basketball."

Edwards also got to look in on Assembly Hall.  Despite the gym being empty, he got a good vision for what a game atmosphere would be like on a game night.

"I really like how loud the gym gets when they plan and the fan support.  They said The Orange Krush gets loud."

And one thing that has really impressed Edwards about Illinois so far has been the Illinois coaching staff, specifically assistant Jamall Walker, who has taken the lead on Edwards' recruitment.

"I talk to Coach Walker the most out of all of them.  But I just now got started to a lot of the rest of the staff.  But Coach Walker has been the main guy.  He's a cool guy to be around.  All the coaches tell you straight up and are honest with you."

Today, Edwards had a chance to talk with the coaches about Coach Groce's attacking and uptempo style, something that appealed to Edwards.

"Coach Groce is down to earth and I like his coaching style and how much he favors point guards.  The ball would be in my hands a lot and for me to make the right decisions."

"Illinois might be a fit for me because my AAU team runs a lot of the same thing with space and pick and roll.  It would be a great fit."

Edwards may still be young, but the attention has been rolling in from schools all across the country.  But rather than get overwhelmed, he's taking everything slowly and surely with a good deal of patience.

"I've heard from Indiana, Purdue, Michigan, Stanford, DePaul, Xavier, Michigan State, Florida, Texas A&M.  A lot of big schools.  I'm kind of taking a lot of this easy because I don't want to overthink recruiting right now and just enjoy everything."

Edwards isn't taking many visits this summer, especially with school starting back up soon.

"I recently visited Michigan, but I don't have any other visits coming up."

Instead, he'll focus his attention on his sophomore season and being a leader for his East Chicago team.

"I definitely want to make my team better.  And in general I just want to improve my overall game.  I attack the basket a lot and I'm a leader on the court.  I have a shot outside, but that isn't what I look to do the most.  My shot is pure and I get to use that a lot more during high school, but I drive a lot to the basket during AAU, so I can do either."

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