Booth Narrowing it Down, Making Visits

Dominque Booth's time-table for choosing a college is beginning to take shape.

The 6-1, 190-pound 2014 wide receiver from Indianapolis, Ind., has pegged December as the time he'd like to make a verbal commitment.

"I've been around to pretty much every school that I'm still considering," Booth said. "I want to travel to each school for a second visit and see games. I'd like to go ahead and make my decision because I've been hearing from coaches now for over a year. That's why I want to make an early commitment."

Illinois was the first to host Booth for a game this season, as he traveled to Champaign to see the 24-7 win over Western Michigan last weekend.

"It was a pretty good game," Booth said. "It was a good visit, and it was good to see the offense and how the new staff did in the first game."

Booth was as interested as everyone else in the stadium to see what the new offense would look like. He came away impressed, especially with Ryan Lankford's 64-yard touchdown catch on the game's opening drive.

"I actually really like the new offense," Booth said. "I could see myself playing in it."

With over a dozen offers to choose from, Booth isn't ready to list a top group. He's still in the narrowing down stage, with his parents and coach supporting him every step along the way.

"Both my mom and dad and coach have helped me so much," he said. "My mom, she's the one behind the scenes really helping me with information. She reads about each school on the internet and we talk about it all the time."

One leading factor in his decision, Booth says, will be the relationship he builds with his position coach.

"I mean, I'm not one of those players you constantly have to be telling what to do," he said. "I work hard at it and I want to get better. I want to play for a wide receivers coach that is going to push me to get better, but he won't have to constantly be reminding me to work because I do that already."

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