Football Runs In The Family

For Providence junior OL Logan Plantz, football is a family thing.

For Providence junior offensive tackle Logan Plantz, the team's regular season closer didn't quite go the way he wanted. Plantz dominated the right side of the line all night, but five turnovers were too much to overcome for the Celtics.

"We had a lot of confidence coming in," he said. "We played great as a team, but we just beat ourselves. You win and lose games as a team, and each of us takes it upon ourselves to be a team."

Plantz also noted that the team was ready to play and did what they could to keep their energy level up, but the turnovers were costly.

"Well we had energy, especially because we were pounding the ball," said Plantz, "but we shot ourselves in the foot and slowed ourselves down. We still had energy until late in the fourth quarter."

Some of that energy and intensity probably emanated from Plantz, who stayed visibly fired up all game, both on the field and on the sidelines.

"Yeah, I play with a lot of intensity," he said. "It's great to have intensity both on and off the field. We push each other hard on the field, in practice, and in the weight room. You can never get down, especially in a close game."

Of course, it's easy to be excited and intense about football when it's as deeply-rooted in you as it is in the Plantz family. Both Logan's father and a few of his uncles played college football, and Logan could be in line to continue that legacy.

"I had a couple uncles at New Mexico State, another at Michigan, and my dad played at Notre Dame," he said. "It kind of shows how things are possible with hard work, and I'm seeing now how hard they worked and how they must have put in even more back in the day to improve themselves."

Seeing so many people around him succeed in both college and the NFL has caused Plantz to push himself to follow in his family's foosteps.

He said, "I try to strive high because especially my two brothers and my dad are challenging me to make myself a better player and it makes my expectations for myself higher."

Plantz took a step in that direction a few weeks ago, too, when he took a visit to Champaign to see Illinois take on Penn State. Despite the loss for Illinois, Plantz still had a good time and enjoyed the game.

"It was really cool," he said. "They have a really nice facility and the coaches were great. It was kind of a rough game for Illinois. Penn State's doing really well this year. But it was a real cool environment."

It's still early, so Plantz hasn't had a chance to build a strong relationship with any one coach at Illinois, but he has had a chance to talk to a few of the coaches. I've talked to a mixture of the coaches," he said. "Haven't really talked to any in specific yet. I got to the game a little late that day because we had film and Coach Butkus was already on the field before the game."

Recruiting is in the early stages for Plantz, and so far that's no problem for the junior. For now, the remainder of his season has his attention.

"I've just talked to a few schools like Illinois and Northern Illinois so far," Plantz said. "No other visits set right now. I'm just focused on our team here getting ready for the playoffs."

And in the meantime, Plantz feels that as long as his team doesn't beat itself, they have a chance to bring back the hardware.

"The expectations are to bring back the school's 10th state championship," he said. "We killed ourselves against Loyola and against Mount Carmel. We don't feel like we've been beat yet and that we've just beat ourselves twice."

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