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Follow along each week as the staff at IlliinPlaybook give picks for the upcoming slate of games.

Each week the IlliniPlaybook staff will provide picks a number Big Ten games and others of national importance. Keep in mind, we're picking against the spread, which should make things interesting as we check the scores each Saturday. We'll keep track of the standings and declare a winner in December... Stay tuned...

How we fared last week:

Taylor 5-1
Fletcher 4-2
Ryan 1-5

On the year: "Taylor maintains the lead, while Fletcher and Ryan continue to take things one pick at a time. They're just trying to get better everyday."

Taylor: 27-21-1
Fletcher: 23-26-1
Ryan: 20-29-1

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How you readers fared last week:

CapitalCityOutlaw50 6-0
PaytonHighStep 3-3
BigTenPaul 3-3
learningandlabor 3-3
cgtrojan 3-3
bhots23 3-3
iluvert 2-4
moesrevenge 2-4
jhwaddell 1-5

And the overall reader standings:

PaytonHighstep: 24-20-1 (.533)
BigTenPaul: 24-21-1 (.521)
cgtrojan: 22-17 (.564)
moesrevenge: 21-23-1 (.466)
jhwaddell: 20-24-1 (.444)
learningandlabor: 20-24-1 (.444)
bhots23: 19-25-1 (.422)
CapitalCityOutlaw50: 17-14-1 (.531) (winner of the week)
rwn61254: 15-23-1 (.384)
iluvert: 15-16-1 (.500)
ParkStreet: 4-9 (.307)
estes80: 4-9 (.307)
chip2: 3-4 (.428)
frankjp: 3-4 (.428)

Penn State @ Purdue (+3.5)

Taylor Rooks
Why: "I am so impressed with the entire Penn State squad, especially Matt McGloin and Allen Robinson. He's thrown the second least amount of interceptions in the country despite the second most attempted passes. That's accuracy. That means a win against Purdue."
Fletcher Page
Why: "This Purdue team has been wildly inconsistent, taking bad losses to Minnesota and Wisconsin, but also playing Notre Dame and Ohio State close. I'll take the home team and the points."
Ryan Easterling

Nebraska @ Michigan State (+1.5)

Taylor Rooks
Why: "This is a toss up. I'm going with Nebraska simply because they beat Michigan, and Michigan State didn't. Nebraska to win and cover the spread."
Fletcher Page
Why: "I don't feel confident about this pick because Michigan State has been a major disappointment this season. However, the Spartans play close games -- their last five game were decided by a total of 13 points. I think the State defense can hold the Nebraska rushing attack and keep it close."
Ryan Easterling

Iowa @ Indiana (-2)

Taylor Rooks
Why: "I just don't know if I have bought in to this "new and improved Indiana" shindig. I'm not saying this Iowa is an amazing team, but they can beat Indiana."
Fletcher Page
Why: "I. Don't. Like. Iowa. Period. I don't know if Indiana can stop Iowa, but I do see the Hoosiers scoring some points."
Ryan Easterling

Alabama @ LSU (+8.5)

Taylor Rooks
Why: "The Alabama offensive line has been the best in the nation, and as long as A.J. McCarron can 100% control the game by limiting turnovers, completing all passes, getting the ball to playmakers, then Alabama will win BUT I am surprised the spread is so high...I am tempted to say they won't conver, but with a struggling LSU O Line....I have to go with Alabama."
Fletcher Page
Why: "I like Alabama to win this game by seven. Given the recent history of these two teams, I see an all-out battle. With LSU GETTING 8.5 points at HOME, I feel pretty good about taking the Tigers to cover."
Ryan Easterling

Oklahoma State @ Kansas State (-9)

Taylor Rooks
Why: "Kansas state to win. They are undefeated.....just stick to what has been working. Please."
Fletcher Page
Why: "Again, I like the favorite to win the game, but I'll take the points for an Oklahoma State team that's ranked in the Top 25. That offense can keep up with Kansas State, even on the road."
Ryan Easterling

Illinois @ Ohio State (-27.5)

Taylor Rooks
Why: "Ohio State. Oh, am I supposed to have an explanation?"
Fletcher Page
Why: "Yeah, yeah... completely reckless. Surely Urban will let up in the second half, right?"
Ryan Easterling

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