Hermosillo Recaps Official

Miguel "Michael" Hermosillo made his commitment to Illinois back in August, but waited until January to take his official visit. He recaps the visit and more here.

A commit to Illinois since August, Miguel Hermosillo (who goes by Michael), finally got around to taking his official visit to Illinois.

"It just kind of worked out with my schedule," he said. "I was originally going to visit in early December, but my dad wanted to come too so I held off until now. My mom and dad wanted to both be there. They were always comfortable with my decision back then, but this reassured everything and Coach Beckman is big on family. The coaches' families were all around and that was a big deal to them and me."

Hermosillo had taken a few visits to Illinois during the summer and during the season, but getting to spend time with the players and experience more of what the next 4 years would bring was something he really appreciated.

"They had presentations lined up but we kind of got to do our own thing too," Hermosillo said. "My host was Miles Osei. I hung out with he, Ryan Lankford, Nathan Scheelhaase, and Steve Hull. They showed me a good time and I like it a lot there."

Hermosillo had a good idea how he would have fit into the last offensive system, but with the arrival of Bill Cubit, he was reassured that he would still be an important part of the offense moving forward.

"I did get to talk to Coach Cubit," he said. "We didn't go too in-depth. But he did say we need numbers at receiver in his offense. He's excited to get me down there. I got a lot of positive feelings out of how he and Coach Gonzales want to use me in that offense. My role will be the same as before. We're just going to be more north and south and be quick. He's a very personable guy, but just from what I got this weekend, I have nothing but positive things to say about him."

Early playing time isn't promised, but Hermosillo is coming to Illinois with the mindset of getting on the field early, so getting to hear from someone who was in a similar position as him last year put any concerns to rest.

"I think it was good to meet some of the other guys," he said. "I got along great with pretty much everyone I met. They went out of their way to welcome me and all that. It was definitely good. The big thing was that when we could ask them questions, Mason Monheim talked a lot about coming in as a true freshman and having a lot of responsibility and playing, how he stepped up and was a leader and played like that. It's going to be competitive, but once you earn that spot, it's more about competition than individual pride."

Despite all of his time on campus up until this weekend, Hermosillo had never seen some of the facilities at Illinois, but this time he covered all of his bases, and he's also excited about all of the changes to facilities on the way.

"On the visits before, I never actually went in the locker room, but I went in this time, and got to see it all, so that caught my eye," he said. "Really being on campus it seems like it's going to be a great place to be. I can tell the athletic director, the players, and the coaches all want to win so bad. And with all the changes to the facilities coming, it's exciting."

Hermosillo never really second guesses his decision. Sometimes he wonders why other schools didn't offer, but he knows Illinois is the right place for him. The visit reassured him of that.

"This visit for sure put my mind at ease," Hermosillo said. "It was nice to be down there with some of the other recruits too to try to get to know them and talk to them about coming. One already committed, and we're hoping for the other guys. The guys in this class are excited to get there and start playing."

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