CPL Quarterfinals Timeline

Follow along all day for updates from the CPL Quarterfinals at Chicago State

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10:45 AM - 15 minutes to tipoff here at Chicago State on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. Gym is pretty empty for the opener but I'd imagine by the evening this place will be rocking. Follow along here all day for updates from the event.

Game 1 - Orr v. Farragut

Off the hoof, Orr looked like the much more athletic team during warmups. They have a visible size advantage. Will be interesting to see whether Farragut tries to get out and run or if they try to slow it down to more of a halfcourt offense.

11:04 AM - Big hit for Orr today. Tyquone Greer sits out again as he rehabs a foot/ankle injury. Orr will need to lean on junior Marlon Jones a lot today.

11:13 AM - Orr has opened up an early 11-6 lead over Farragut. Have a feeling this one wouldn't even be close if Greer was playing, but Orr looks like they're still feeling this one out. I'd expect a little more score separation as the game progresses.

11:16 AM - Score is 11-8 after 1 quarter. Greer got in for the last minute and a half of the first quarter, but looked a little out of sorts. Appears he'll start the second quarter, so maybe he'll loosen up.

11:26 AM - Midway through the 2nd and a pair of Jamal McDowell free throws puts Orr up 21-12. Orr has been making a lot of substitutions while it's mostly been the same squad on the floor for Farragut. That could have an impact later in the game when guys start to wear down.

11:34 AM - Farragut knocks down a 2 at the buzzer to bring the halftime score to 21-17. Orr struggling to push the lead out and beat a team they clearly outmatch.

11:47 AM - 2nd half is underway. Orr is really killing it on the offensive glass, but they aren't getting shots to fall. If they take a punch early in the third quarter and don't respond, it'll start to smell a lot like an upset.

11:55 AM - Farragut had the lead up to 5, now down to 3, but Farragut is controlling the tempo and the feel of the game. Orr just doesn't seem locked in right now.

12:02 PM - Orr punches back and a Greer steal and layup evens the score at 31 with 38 seconds left in the third. It's essentially an 8 minute game now.

12:07 PM - Orr comes out firing. They scored 5 points in the first 26 seconds of the 4th to push the lead to 38-33. If there's one way to snatch up the momentum, that's it.

12:16 PM - Orr made a run to extend the lead to 9, but a couple mental errors and mistakes allow Farragut to cut it to 6 with 2:15 to go in the game. Important for Orr to close out here.

12:26 PM - Orr takes the first game 49-42. Complete team effort from Orr. Farragut just wore down late and couldn't execute when it counted.

Game 2 - Curie v. Morgan Park

Curie and Morgan Park set to tip off at 12:45. Game will pit Curie and Cliff Alexander against Morgan Park and Billy Garrett Jr., Kyle Davis, Josh Cunningham, Lamont Walker, and Xzavier Taylor.

12:48 PM - About to tip between Curie and Morgan Park.

Starters for Morgan Park are Markee Williams, Kyle Davis, Billy Garrett Jr., Josh Cunningham, and Lamont Walker.

For Curie, the lineup is Demarcus Richardson, Marcellis Davis, Devin Gage, Malik Elebye, and Cliff Alexander.

1:01 PM - Whirlwind first quarter. Not a lot of scoring, but these teams are going at it. Cliff Alexander has hammered home a couple dunks as usual. A Charlie Moore foul with 1 second left put Curie on the line, but they only converted 1 of 2. Curie leads 13-8 after 1 quarter. Alexander has 4 pts and 2 blocks. Josh Cunningham playing well so far, as is Billy Garrett Jr.

1:08 PM - 16-13 Morgan Park on an 8-0 run to start the 2nd quarter. Kyle Davis has a couple of fast break slams. Has been a little inconsistent this year, but he is deadly on the fast break. And for a smaller guy he can really elevate.

1:20 PM - Halftime score is 29-26 in favor of Curie. Cliff Alexander was called for an over the back foul as the buzzer sounded to give him his 2nd of the game. Probably should have been a no call, but it's been one of those days from the guys in stripes.

1:41 PM - Mid 3rd and Curie holds on to a 30-28 lead. Alexander not really being involved as much by his teammates. But he's basically instituting a no-fly zone around the rim. Has upwards of 5 blocks already.

1:52 PM - Alexander owned the defensive end on defense in the third. Has close to 7 blocks. Josh Cunningham picks up his 4th foul at the end of the 3rd. Score is in Curie's favor at 40-38 after a fast break dunk to end the quarter.

2:03 PM - 4:54 to go in the 4th quarter, and Morgan Park has pushed the lead to 7 at 49-42. Garrett really controlling the game. Cliff Alexander breaks a nearly 3 quarter scoreless streak with a tip in to cut the lead to 5.

2:13 PM - Minute and a half left. Morgan Park is up 4. Curie fouled and headed to the line for the 1 & 1. Not over, but Morgan Park has a serious advantage here.

2:29 PM - Game finally ends. Morgan Park hangs on in a thriller to win 60-58. Not Alexander's best game offensively, but Curie's guards were stifled by Morgan Park's attacking defense. Halfway through the day and the next game, which should be tipping off now, will likely be delayed due to this one. Still, probably the most evenly-matched game of the day held to form.

Game 3 - Foreman v. Whitney Young

2:45 PM - Whitney Young v. Foreman starting a little late due to the last game, but it's underway. Miles Reynolds, Ausar Madison, Jahlil Okafor, Paul White, and LJ Peak get the start for Young.

3:03 PM - Whitney Young raced out to an 18-5 lead but turned it off as the quarter progressed. Paul White had a couple really nice moves to get some baskets and Miles Reynolds converted a couple as well. Okafor slow to start, but he got a dunk and has pulled down a couple boards. Wings for Young are having the most success.

3:12 PM - Midway through the 2nd quarter, Young has pushed the lead back out to 27-12. They have a huge advantage over Foreman in this one talent-wise, but if they don't keep up the effort, Foreman may linger.

3:40 PM - 2nd half is underway. Young holds a 12 point lead. I just don't feel any sense of urgency from Young and their shot selection isn't very good. Right now they're winning on pure talent as opposed to execution.

3:48 PM - Young's mistakes would cost them most of the time, but it seems like every run of miscues is followed by a run of fast break scores. Young leads 46-29 with 1:49 to go in the third. Really surprised by how little Okafor has been fed so far. He's such a good passer that even if he isn't shooting he could still make good things happen.

3:52 PM - Paul White closes out the third with a nice basket. Young leads Foreman by 21 now 52-31. White and Miles Reynolds are having the biggest days for Young so far.

4:00 PM - With 5:26 to go in the fourth, Young's lead is 22 at 59-37. Young is at their best in transition. Paul White and Miles Reynolds are seeing the floor very well and passing the ball very effectively. Big game today for White.

4:08 PM - Paul White's big day continues. He's up to 21 points on the day now. Okafor has 14 and Reynolds has 16. Young's usual suspects are getting it done. But For White, having a game like this is a statement for him. He led his team today and was consistent all game. Young leads 70-41 with 1:21 to go.

4:12 PM - Final score: Whitney Young 72, Foreman 41.

Game 4 - Simeon v. Bogan:

Simeon v. Bogan will likely tip off closer to 4:30. Really looking forward to the matchup of Jaylon Tate v. Luwane Pipkins in this one. The rest of the matchups go much more strongly in Simeon's favor, but that one will be a nice test for Tate.

Score is 3-2 3 minutes into the game. Nunn is guarding Pipkins early in the game, and Tate has Juwan Henry guarding him. That may change later on. Should be an interesting game though. Bogan is a tough team and won't cave in easily.

4:43 PM - Tough break for Tate, who picked up his second foul at the end of the first quarter. Simeon, however, has a 1 point lead after the first quarter at 17-16 over Bogan. Jabari Parker has been good, as expected.

4:57 PM - Simeon is still holding on to their lead, but this game has been pretty sloppy. Tate was in with 2 fouls for a bit but came back out as Smith is playing it safe with him. Pipkins just picked up his 2nd foul in a minute. Simeon leads 25-20.

Simeon holds a 30-22 lead at half over Bogan. Jabari Parker has been more or less carrying the Wolverines through the first half. Tate battled foul trouble early, so maybe he'll be able to loosen up a little more as the 2nd half progresses.

5:24 PM - Nunn got called for a T for dunking during 2nd half warmups. I've heard some strange T's but that one is just unnecessary. CPS refs are pretty quirky.

5:44 PM - 3rd quarter closes with a 44-34 Simeon lead. Tate had a great 3rd quarter both setting up his teammates with lobs (one to Woods, one to Nunn) as well as getting to the hoop himself. Maturing a ton this year as a point guard.

6:02 PM - Simeon wins 59-49. Looks like they're in line for a matchup with Morgan Park. Hopefully a little less confrontational than last time. Great game for Tate running the point.

That concludes today's action. Be on the look out for some updates following this weekend.

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