City-Suburban Showdown

Check in all day for live updates throughout the day as 6 of the Chicago area's best teams square off on Chicago's south side.

3:57 PM - Games will be starting soon here at the House of Hope on the south side of Chicago, Illinois. Today's slate features games between De La Salle v. Proviso East, Whitney Young v. Benet, and Simeon v. Marist.

Game 1 - Proviso East v. De La Salle:

Game 1 will be tipping off shortly. Players to keep an eye on will be De La Salle's Alvin Ellis and Brandon Hutton, and Proviso East's Paris Lee, Jevon Carter, and Sterling Brown.

4:15 PM - Teams finally tip off in the first game. Attendance is a little spotty, but should get better as the day goes on. If Proviso East plays their game, they should be in good position to take this game. De La Salle's Alvin Ellis is going to do his damage, but East is a more complete team. De La Salle will be missing Jamarco Jones, who normally plays, but is likely on a college visit this weekend.

4:34 PM - Proviso East has opened up a 15-9 lead after the first quarter. Jevon Carter has 7 points and 3 steals after 1. Brandon Hutton also playing well for De La Salle.

4:43 PM - De La Salle had evened the score at 15 over the first 3 minutes of the 2nd quarter until a Sterling Brown layup gave East the lead back.

4:51 PM - Approaching halftime and Proviso East clings to a 27-24 lead with De La Salle headed to the free throw line. Been a surprisingly close game so far, but turnovers can make things like that happen.

4:55 PM - Proviso East leads 27-26 at halftime. Hutton has 9, Carter has 7.

5:14 PM - Proviso East has used the fast break to open up a 47-37 lead over De La Salle. The Meteors were hanging in there early, but Hutton has cooled off and Proviso's depth is wearing on De La Salle.

5:23 PM - 3 quarters down and the score is now at 53-47 following a Brandon Hutton 3-point play. Proviso East let the lead slip away earlier too, and they're doing it again now.

5:35 PM - De La Salle has surged time and time again, but mistakes are hurting both teams. Score stands at 59-54 with 2:53 to go with Proviso East in the lead. Jevon Carter has been really instrumental for Proviso East today.

5:41 PM - Proviso East wins it 66-56. Jevon Carter finishes with 15. Paris Lee finished with 18. Sterling Brown had 12 and Alvin Ellis had 15. Brandon Hutton finished with 13.

Benet and Whitney Young up next in about 15 minutes.

Game 2: Whitney Young v. Benet Academy

Athletically, Whitney Young has a huge advantage in this one. The group of Okafor, White and Peak have an edge over O'Mara, Euritt, and MacInerney. However, never count out Benet, who wins more times than not based on great coaching and execution. If they can catch Whitney Young sleeping, they could come away with one here.

6:17 PM - Whitney Young took an early 18-6 lead, but Benet has slowed the bleeding and pulled within 7. Okafor is too much to handle for anyone beside O'Mara.

6:30 PM - Whitney Young doubles up Benet after 1 quarter 18-9. Whitney Young is collapsing on O'Mara any time he touches the ball. If Benet can't get hot from outside in a hurry, this could be a rough day for the Redwings.

6:42 PM - Whitney Young and Benet were pretty even for the first part of the 2nd quarter, but a late surge has given Young a 35-20 advantage. Miles Reynolds is driving the scoring for Whitney Young with 13. LJ Peak has 8. Benet hasn't really scored in the lane yet. It's all been perimeter shots. Young's D in the lane has been strong to say the least.

6:45 PM - Whitney Young leads 35-21 at half. Benet has done almost all scoring from the outside and from the free throw line. With no interior threat offensively (O'Mara has been doubled all day), Whitney Young can really ratchet up the effort on the perimeter.

7:10 PM - Whitney Young opened up the lead to 46-29 in the third. Okafor has 16 in dominating fashion. Paul White is having an off day, but Miles Reynolds and LJ Peak are both carrying the load outside of Okafor. Benet is struggling from the free throw line, but I put that on the hilarious nerdy kid under the basket singing random songs during free throws (future Krush member, perhaps?).

7:22 PM - Of course there are a few guys in the country I haven't seen. But I feel pretty safe in saying Jahlil Okafor is the best big man in the country, and is probably one of the best 3-4 players in the country. Had 21 and 6 easily and made Sean O'Mara's day rough.

Game 3: Simeon v. Marist

8:05 PM - Simeon and Marist are set to tip off in the final game of the night. Simeon has a serious advantage here, and barring anything unforeseen, Simeon should roll in this one. If they get a lead, it could be a good opportunity to see some of the younger guys.

8:13 PM - Marist is playing stall ball, not for control of pace, but probably to control the damage. Simeon scores in a hurry, and it's pretty surgical. 4 different players have Simeon's 10 points (Parker - 4, Nunn, Pollard, and Woods with 2 each). A Tate to Nunn alley oop makes it 4 for him. Tate gets in the mix with a jam and Simeon takes a 14-7 lead into the first break.

8:27 PM - Simeon has pushed the lead to 28-15. Jaylon Tate playing well finding his teammates in transition. Jabari Parker is doing it all. And Kendrick Nunn gets in on it too and finishes the fast break layup with the foul.

8:32 PM - Simeon leads 30-16 at halftime. Parker had a big half. Tate and Nunn connected a couple times, but Simeon's defense is noticeably beating up on Marist.

8:43 PM - 2nd half is underway. Kendrick Nunn opens up the scoring for Simeon with a 3. Simeon has now more than doubled Marist's score on the game at 35-16, and as slow as Marist plays, this could be a tough deficit to overcome.

8:51 PM - Simeon leads 45-23 after a Nunn 3 pointer on Jaylon Tate's 6th assist of the night. Marist hasn't gotten anything going all night outside of a few 3-pointers.

8:58 PM - Simeon leads 51-32 at the quarter break. And yes, they did play "Harlem Shake". Simeon had a few of the reserves in, but the starters have all come back in for the 4th.

9:07 PM - Simeon stretched the lead out in the early 4th to 66-40 when the starters came back in. Parker and Nunn put on a show with Tate assisting them all the way there.

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