Post-game Q&A: Colorado Players

Colorado players Josh Scott and Askia Booker discuss Friday's loss to Illinois in the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

AUSTIN, Texas - Colorado players Josh Scott and Askia Booker discuss Friday's loss to Illinois in the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

Q. Ski, you guys were down 16 at half and went on a 23-2 run. You hit 3 threes, what was said at halftime and what were the adjustments?

ASKIA BOOKER: Well the adjustments were defense and rebounding. We wanted to get the ball and push it in transition off of stops that we got. I think that just being aggressive, attacking them in transition and looking for open guys. When you find them, they knock it down and I knocked down some shots and then Josh had some shots, Xavier, Andre, we all made great plays on that run.

Q. Ski, you were taken out of the game with about five minutes left, did you feel like you lost your flow when you got taken out of the game?

ASKIA BOOKER: I'm not going to say I lost it, I was hot at the time. I can't say whether I should have came out or not, because that's coach's decision, but he felt it was best for the team, so I had to go with that and whether I lost it or not, I mean we still had to play defense and rebound. And they hit two big threes coming down when we were up and that changed the momentum and that's how we got back down.

Q. Josh, they always say when you make a run like that it takes a lot of energy to come back from a deficit. Did you feel like you kind of, the team kind of ran out of gas at the end of the game?

JOSH SCOTT: I don't think so. I think we were just trying to compete and try to get it done no matter how much the score was going up. We didn't want to quit.

Q. Ski, when you guys came all the way back did you feel like you guys were in a good place to sustain that lead and win the game?

ASKIA BOOKER: Without a doubt. We were getting stop after stop after stop and we were pushing it down their throats. And coach made some great calls for certain plays to be ran and we executed very well and we felt like we had the momentum in our hands. But give credit to Illinois for finding the open man and knocking down the shots and that's just something that they do very well and they take a lot of threes and they made some in the second half.

Q. Their ball screen defense in the first half was really good and it threw you guys out of rhythm a lit bit. Is that something you tried to capitalize on in the second half specifically?

ASKIA BOOKER: Without a doubt. They did different things. On Spencer, they trapped. On me they just hedged, they showed really hard. But I don't think it threw us off. We just had to find the open guy, keep the ball moving, we don't always need ball screens to score. When you keep the ball moving and keep guys on their heels and we attack, we're just fine. I think that's what we did in the second half, we kept them on their heels, but their ball screen defense, it's pretty good, but just give credit to them overall.

Q. Josh, with such a young team, what does this experience do for you guys going into next season?

JOSH SCOTT: I think we can learn from it. I think it gives us some fire. Every time we go work out, lift, it's an experience that you learn from an you just improve upon, so that's what we're going to take from this going forward into next season.

Q. Ski, what's the future of this program?

ASKIA BOOKER: Well first the future all depends on the individual guys in the off season. How hard we work, how much work we're going to put in, whether it be day, night, evening. The off season is where everyone gets better. And once we come together, I think Coach Boyle is going to take -- that's in his hands and he's going to make us work and we're going to build our program on defensive rebounding. I think the sky's the limit for us.

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