Scouting Repot: Mac Irvin Fire

The Mac Irvin Fire, based out of the Chicago area are typically one of the more loaded teams on the AAU circuit. Here are a few players who stood out at Spiece.

The Fire's two best players, Jahlil Okafor (injury) and Cliff Alexander (prom) weren't in Fort Wayne last weekend, but a few other key players for the Fire were, and we break down their performance here:

PG - Jalen Brunson

Very few prospects have seen their stock rise throughout the season and spring the way Brunson's has. He has exploded onto the scene in Illinois, possibly challenging for the top spot in-state down the line, and is starting to make a name for himself on a national level. His dad is with the Charlotte Bobcats organization, and it's clear that he has been prepared well early in his career to succeed.

Brunson is deadly with his pull up mid-range jumper. Very few guys stop as quickly and as strongly as he does. He wasn't sniping consistently from outside the way he has in the past, but he showed in a couple of games why he's so highly-regarded. He's well-developed for a guy his age and has the body to go along with it. He showed that he can step up and shoulder the load with the other stars absent.

F - Josh Cunningham

Cunningham may not catch your eye right away when you first see him, but when he's on the court he really turns it on. The Morgan Park forward isn't the most physical guy on the court, but he was one of the most aggressive. He carried his team to a win against NLP on Saturday evening, going 13 of 13 from the field, including 5 of 5 from 3. He has inside and outside game and has the athleticism to get up and dunk as well as block shots.

One area where Cunningham can definitely improve is his strength. He'll need to add a lot more weight to be able to play slower and more physical games that aren't typical of AAU ball, but when he gets out and runs, he's very much a threat to score or set up his teammates to score. He's only scratching the surface of his potential, and now the rest of the equation will be to see if he can continue to put it together more completely.

C - Edward Morrow

The Simeon Wolverine played here and there this past season when Russell Woods was in foul trouble, but when playing against guys his own age, the junior-to-be really played big. He's a much more physical guy than Cunningham and fights for tough buckets and rebounds in the paint. He does have the ability to take it out and score from within about 10 feet, but he isn't a perimeter player by any means.

Morrow is expected to keep growing, so if he can add 3 more inches to his already 6'7" stature, he could be a tough matchup for opponents in the next couple years.

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