Paul 'Continuing to Mature'

Former Illini guard Brandon Paul is hard at work in preparation for the next step in his basketball career.

Since Brandon Paul's career at Illinois ended in late March, he's been immersed in an ultimate journey towards the NBA.

After leaving Champaign in May, he immediately focused on improving his game. The 6-foot-4 guard, who led the Illini with 16.6 points per game last season, left the Midwest to begin training in Florida with IMG.

"It was really fun, a lot of the guys that I worked out with down there came down for the combine," Paul said. "We all took the same flight, and we do like four workouts a day. It's pretty demanding, but it is all worth it. The place down there is unbelievable. You get a lot of time to just work on your game. There are some good restaurants too, but it's isolated, so you don't have any distractions."

He focused on improving all aspects of his game, but honed in specifically on perimeter shooting, strength and conditioning and leadership skills. It was important for Paul to exceed in those areas and impress during the combine. However, his main goal was to show resiliency and consistency, something that he sometimes lacked during his days at The Assembly Hall.

"I just wanted to build my reputation to stay consistent and be someone that the team can rely on and not have to worry about. I wanted to be able to bring certain things to the team," Paul said. "I want to make sure my brand is one that teams want to be around and that teams can know what they are getting out of me if they choose me for the team. That's a lot of me just continuing to mature."

Paul was able to showcase this newfound maturity during the NBA Combine in Chicago. He weighed in at 201 pounds, with a wingspan of 6-foot-10.25, a reach of 8-foot-2, and a 9.5 hand width. He participated in the two days of workouts and displayed some of his athleticism.

"I shot really well. I was a vocal leader and tried to just let guys try to be enthusiastic about the drills. With myself, as well as the guys working with me," Paul said. "I tried to kinda set the tone for the two days of workouts."

Paul was excited to be back in Chicago and ran into a great number of fans. He enjoyed a baseball game and snapped pictures with various members of Illini Nation. With a recently "verified" Twitter account, his image is quickly changing from college basketball star to aspiring professional basketball player, and he is adapting to the change.

"It's all about professionalism and how you carry yourself. That's something I've been doing since I was a young and that's all led up to this moment," Paul said. "I'm pretty much prepared for it, and I'm excited to continue with progress."

Paul will spend the rest of summer continuing to travel back and forth from Illinois to Florida to continue his workouts in preparation for Draft Day.

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