Throwback Thursday: Tavon Wilson

Catching up with former Fighting Illini defensive great Tavon Wilson.

Your rookie year is complete, so how is your first NFL offseason treating you?

"I've just been training and preparing for the next year, just trying to do things that will help me moving on to next season. I've been looking over film from last year, and getting a better understanding of the defense and the whole concept of the game. I'm just preparing, so that I can take another step and get better."

Do you want to 'get better' in any specific aspect of your game?

"My whole game needs improvement. There is always room for improvement. I'm still fairly new to the NFL, so I still feel like I have things to improve on. I'm just going to attack everything and try to strengthen my weaknesses."

How have you adjusted from being an Illini to being a Patriot?

"It has kind of settled in now. Mainly after the draft when and the new rookies came in, now you kind of realize that you are a second year guy."

Another Illini is going to be joining you in New England this year. How does it feel to have Michael Buchanan on your team next season?

"It's exciting. I'm glad to have Mike on our team. I feel like our coaches made a good decision and they feel like he can help us, so its definitely good to be able to play with a college teammates and someone that you know really well."

Did you keep up with last year's team?

"I watched them a lot last year. Unfortunately, they didn't hit the standard they thought they would with the new coaching staff. But I was there for the spring game, and I like the aggression that those guys are showing down there, and I always wish the best for them."

How do you feel about your former teammates leaving? Darius Millines, Darius Caldwell.....

"College football, NFL, all of that stuff is a business. Players come and go, but the show will go on whether those players play or not."

Any players that Illini Nation should keep an eye out for next year?

"Look out for Steve Hull at receiver. Before he got switched over to safety, he used to give me some problems his freshman year. He is really excited about playing receiver this year."

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