Getting to Know Aaron Cosby

What you may not know about about new Illinois guard Aaron Cosby.

Aaron Cosby will be joining the Illini basketball team next season as a redshirt junior.

The Seton Hall transfer averaged 12.6 points and shot 42.6 percent from the field in his first two seasons.

His abilities on the basketball court are well known by now. But what most people don't know about him is his ability to score touchdowns.

"I played football, actually," Cosby said. "I was a quarterback when I was younger, and then in high school I played receiver and safety. I had some football scholarship offers as well, but I stopped playing my junior year. I had some to Louisville, Kentucky, Notre Dame and then some smaller schools recruited me."

Cosby played football for his high school, Northfield-Mt.Hermon, before he decided to completely commit to the basketball court. However, once he signed with Seton Hall football was out of his mind. His new focus was playing ball and adjusting to life at a prep school.

"My first year that I went away I was like sixteen, seventeen and it was tough, because it was the first time I went away from home," Cosby said. "Just the whole boarding school, not going home, being away, I just didn't feel like i was ready for it. I felt like that was something you were only supposed to do in college, but my second year I played great on the court, and it turned out that it really helped me for college. I was comfortable with being away."

Cosby comes from a tight knit family and is the oldest of five children. Not being able to come home for holidays and visit with his parents proved to be quite tough for the rising basketball star.

"My siblings are 16, 10, nine and five. I'm very protective of my sisters," Cosby said. "My dad was the most influential person in my life growing up, and my mom is my everything. Me and my mom have more of a brother/sister relationship. She's cool. She's younger, so she's kinda hip to what's going on. I can't really sneak anything past her."

His mom also provides one other very important thing that he lacked at Seton Hall.

"I missed her cooking. I love eating. I like anything grilled. I like steak, barbecue, anything grilled. And I love seafood. I can't cook like my mom, so I don't even really try. I can only cook something really basic."

Cosby says he has been doing lots of eating these past couple weeks at NBA Playoff parties, something that he really enjoys.

"Even though he's out, Stephen Curry is my favorite player to watch. I also like Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks," he said.

When asked the age old question: Kobe or Lebron, Cosby chose Lebron with no hesitation. However, the Illini are a team full of Kobe Bryant fans. Joseph Bertrand and Rayvonte Rice are long-time Laker fans, a fact that could be a cause for debate once he steps into the locker room with his new team mates.

Luckily, they all have common ground in other areas. Cosby is a big Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fan and loves watching movies. The team frequently attends movies together and all of them enjoy watching Will Smith.

Cosby adds a fresh face and an engaging personality to the Illini roster, a combination that has Illini Nation both excited and curious about what he'll do once he's eligible to play in 2014.

"The fan support is great," he said. "I'm excited about the coaching staff. I'm excited about the atmosphere at Illinois. It's much different than the situation I was in and everything about it seems so positive. It's just moving in the right direction, so I'm excited to play."

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