Ask the Expert: Point Guard Recruiting

Brian Snow gives the scoop on the Illinois staff's plan for recruiting the point guard position.

IP: Did it surprise you when Illinois was not included in Jaquan Lyle list of final four schools (Indiana, Louisville, Tennessee, Florida)?

Snow: "Yeah that did surprise me a little bit. I thought Illinois was one of his top three schools for most of his recruitment there. Obviously now that Jaquan has cut his schools and they're not in there, it shows he didn't feel that way. I thought I had a pretty good pulse on everything with him, but he kind of surprised me with leaving Illinois out. Jaquan is going to be Jaquan, and he went a different direction."

IP: Tennessee making the cut seemed to catch some off guard. Did that move surprise you?

Snow: "Nothing shocked me. He had a good group of schools that were recruiting him hard and he knew a lot of about. Was a little surprised that Tennessee made his final four? Yes. But I wouldn't say I was shocked by any of it."

IP: Do you see the Illinois staff turning attention to another point guard in the 2014 class?

Snow: "I don't see them recruiting another guard. They made the decision not to recruit Tyler Ulis, and that's not going to change now. The only guard they were even in serious contact with was Jaquan. He was kind of their hail mary play. The staff's thinking was, ‘If we get him great. If we don't who cares.' They'll focus in the post the rest of the way and get after guys like Leron Black and Cliff Alexander.

IP: So it's low post heavy in 2014 and then they'll look to address the point guard situation in the 2015 class…

Snow: "They are searching really hard for a point guard in the 2015 class. They really like Hyron Edwards. He's a guy they've liked for some time. Jalen Brunson is someone that they have rated highly. They'd love to secure him. Austin Conway, a guard from Colorado, is somebody to watch. They could pick up talk with him this summer They're searching near and far for the right fit in that class. That's what they'll be doing a lot of this summer."

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