Day Two: Beckman Quick Hitters

CHAMPAIGN - Illinois coach Tim Beckman talks about the second day of fall camp following the Blue Team's morning session.

Thoughts on the Blue Team's second practice: "Again, I think there's reason behind the madness, as they all say. You know, it's a two-a-day for them really, how a two-a-day would work. You have that night practice and then get their bodies acclimated when they come right back. I thought they did a great job. I think it speaks a lot for (Strength) Coach (Aaron) Hillman and his staff and how they got our players prepared for two-a-days."

On Wes Lunt practicing with orange Monday and blue Tuesday: "We just wanted to get him some more reps. We wanted to see him throw to different receivers. When you break it up in orange and blue, you'll see Reilly (O'Toole) and those guys will switch it up here in just a little bit. We keep the receivers where they're at, but we'll the quarterbacks so the guys got to throw to different people."

Watch the video of Beckman's post-practice comments HERE.

On what Lunt has to do: "Lead. You know, be a leader. I know it's hard because he's not playing, but I told him this, I was there when Brandon Weeden had to sit out his year at Oklahoma State. Brandon Weeden made us a better defense, there's no question about that. He's one of the great ones throwing against the defense everyday. I've asked the same as Wes, and Wes has been great doing it."

On how the young wide receivers are doing: "Marchie Murdock had a great day today. Devin Church is another name you didn't see last year because he hurt his knee. Both those two guys, along with Justin Hardee, three young guys, really had good days today."

On Bill Cubit's offense and how much input Beckman has: "Yeah same as it was a little bit last year. I want him to run his offense. I want him to believe in what he's doing. I'm not going to step into places that I know I have never coached on that side so I'm going to be more with the defense. I let coach Cubit and his staff do it, and I'm happy with what I've seen the last two days."

More on Cubit:"Well I think his resume proves itself. That's why he was hired, same as Timmy Banks. That's why they were hired. I think both of them, along with Tim Salem (special teams coordinator) do a great job."

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