Day Three: Blue Team Tidbits

Quick hitting news and notes Illinois' Blue Team afternoon practice on Day Three.

The twos and threes comprising the Blue Squad took the field this afternoon for the day's second and final practice. I overheard lineman Jake Feldmeyer talking about how hot and muggy it felt – which is exactly what Coach Tim Beckman was hoping for…

- As far as this session goes, there wasn't all that much to report. Nathan Scheelhaase was running with the twos after switching places with Reilly O'Toole to mix in throws to different receivers. Wes Lunt took the afternoon session today as well.

- The second string skill guys on offense remain the same: Steve Hull, Miles Osei and Justin Hardee at receiver with Josh Ferguson at tailback.

- I don't want to go into too much detail, but Osei may use his arm in a select few situations this season. Just a possibility to keep in mind.

- Beckman is for-real serious about the new targeting rule in college football. He spent some time talking to the entire team about it during stretching and then even had them partner up and demonstrate proper hits.

- There were a ton of high school players watching from the sideline. Many of them weren't recruits, most were actually from nearby Centenniel High. But a few guys I personally saw were Malik Turner, Gabe Green, Quinn Oseland, Gabe Megginson and Kentrail Moran. Beth and Ryan reported a few others as visiting, but I wasn't able to get an eye on everybody. We'll try to speak to all those who visited ASAP.

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