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IlliniFanFindlay - If Starks doesn't get his waiver, other than the obvious, what are our limitations next year. Assuming nobody goes pro after this year and Starks uses a scholarship next year what does that do to any long term plan Groce and company have in place for guys like Alexander, Black etc.?

Brian Snow: Scholarships ALWAYS work themselves out. Heck Indiana had 16 guys committed to the books in March, by July they were one under the limit. I mean those things work themselves out, I wouldn't get caught up in all of that.

Henson71 - Who is the most important recruit for Groce in the next two recruiting classes?… If Alexander commits, does Black go elsewhere or are they different enough players, that one won't impact the other?

Brian Snow: I would say from a perception standpoint Alexander and Charles Matthews, but it might actually be Quentin Snider. Groce has to have a high level PG in his system.

Rob Harrington: Brian is the Midwest expert, but from my perch on the East Coast, I think they need to score with one of the elite Chicago guys. Beating Kansas in the process would provide a great publicity boost, too.

I think that Illinois would definitely take both, and one wouldn't be scared off by the other.

Dcudds - Brian, do we have a legit shot at landing Quentin Snider?

Snow: Yes Illinois has a very legit shot at Quentin.

ILLveteran - Brian, is it really possible Leron Black pulls the trigger on his visit at the end of the month, and what, if any, impact does that really have on Alexander?

Snow: It is definitely possible, and I would say it would have very little impact on Cliff.

benyboy - Just kinda to go with this. Do you guys think Black commits on or just after his visit. I know the staff is focusing on the '14 class right now but another guy I like to know if we're still doing well on is Bragg in the '15 class. Thanks guys.

Snow: Illinois is in good shape with Bragg, right now Illinois and Ohio State are his top two, but that recruitment is a LONG WAY from being finished.

jhodges - Leron Black has dropped Memphis and Florida from his list… I'm thinking, does this improves the Illini's chance of getting a commitment from Black?

Snow: It definitely doesn't hurt that is for sure. Right now I would say Illinois leads Indiana with Tennessee and Baylor on the outside looking in.

ParkStreet - Obligatory Alexander question - Various people on other boards with varying degrees of credibility are saying that UI is much stronger with Cliff than the national guys are giving us credit for, citing "local sources". Have any of you been hearing similar things, or is there any other reason to believe that things might be swinging away from KU and toward us?

Obligatory Ulis question - Is he anything other than a Plan C for UK? Is MSU the leader ?

Did Jordan visit again? if not has it been rescheduled?

Any whispers regarding Starks, or is everyone in the dark as to when they'll know?

Snow: 1. I have always stated that Illinois is very involved with Cliff.

2. I mean Ulis is behind Mudiay, but Cal might take both of them. At the end of the day he ends up at MSU is my guess, but Iowa is very much in there.

3. Not sure on Jordan, but i will look into it.

4. I haven't heard a thing on Starks. With the NCAA you never EVER know, until well, you know.

Ryan Easterling: The feeling I've gotten lately with Cliff is that he REALLY likes Groce. His mom REALLY likes Groce. And a lot of people in-state are showing him a lot of love.

Illinois is definitely in it. But I think Kansas at this point holds a slight edge because, well, they're Kansas.

This one could go down to the wire, and depending on when Cliff chooses, Illinois could really make a strong push.

A lot can happen in a recruitment like that though.

benyboy - I'll just throw a flier out there. I know it's early but what's the word on Diamond Stone?

Snow: I honestly don't have the slightest idea on Diamond at this point. I know Marquette is very much in there, but I can't say I have any idea what direction that deal will go.

Easterling: Illinois got Stone to visit in Chicago for the Illinois-Auburn game last winter. I think Illinois is in the mix for him, but from what I've heard, they still have some catching up to do to other schools. Wouldn't put them in Stone's top group at this point.

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