Official Depth Chart - Pre-SIU: Offense

A look at the Illinois offensive depth chart heading into the season opener against Southern Illinois.

First team

LT: Simon Cvijanovic
LG: Michael Heitz
C: Alex Hill
RG: Ted Karras
RT: Corey Lewis

QB: Nathan Scheelhaase
RB: Donovonn Young
TE: Evan Wilson OR Matt LaCosse OR Jon Davis

WR-X: Ryan Lankford
WR-T: Miles Osei
WR-Z: Spencer Harris

A few quick thoughts: - I don't expect Karras to play this week. I'll update my take on his ankle injury throughout the week, but as of Monday, I wouldn't count on him playing.

- Corey Lewis and Jon Davis are two more names listed in the starting lineup that may not see much time. Depending on how the game goes, the staff may opt to rest those weary knees.

- Clearly, the offensive line may be headed for a shuffle if what I say/think is true. Spencer at guard? Heitz at guard or tackle? Feldmeyer at center? Hill at center or guard? Flavin at tackle? The possibilities are as endless as they are frightening.

- Again, depending on Davis' availability, there are legitimately three tight ends that could be on the field at the same time.

- Osei in the starting lineup isn't all that surprising, but noteworthy nonetheless. I expect at least five, but as many as seven wideouts to see significant time on the field.

Second team:

LT: Dallas Hinkhouse
LG: Austin Schmidt
C: Jake Feldmeyer
RG: Joe Spencer
RT: Patrick Flavin

QB: Reilly O'Toole
RB: Josh Ferguson
TE: Tim Clary

WR-X: Devin Church
WR-T: Martize Barr
WR-Z: Justin Hardee

A few quick thoughts:

- The only second team linemen in play for time, at least in my opinion for now, are Feldmeyer, Spencer, Flavin and maybe O'Connor, Schmidt and Christian DiLauro (listed on the third team, a stretch for sure).

- O'Toole is the second teamer, but look for Aaron Bailey to play Saturday. He will not redshirt.

- Josh Ferguson will get plenty of run.

- Second team wideouts aren't too shabby -- and that doesn't include Steve Hull, my pick as season's production darkhorse.

- Tyler White will play at tight end, too.

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