They Said It: Cincinnati Players

Cincinnati's Ralph Abernathy, Greg Blair and Anthony McClung talk about Saturday loss to Illinois.

RB Ralph David Abernathy IV

On the overturned touchdown call and momentum swing:

"Well someone told me momentum is for the weak-minded, so you kind of just have to bounce back regardless. You try to stay even keel. There's going to be highs and lows, but you just try to stay right in the middle."

On QB Munchie Legaux's injury:

"You know you see freak injuries like that on TV all the time, but it's different when it happens to your brother. It affects some people differently but I personally wanted to be out there to support him. H was our starting quarterback and we're all family so it's sad to see something like that happen. If he's out for the season, we're going to dedicate this season to him."

LB Greg Blair

On Cincinnati's defensive struggles:

"I would say a big problem for us today was discipline. We didn't read our keys well, we didn't execute the called plays well, and it was a bad game for the defense. Now we have to get better and move forward. We need to have a short memory. It's football and it's about wins and losses, and we've just got to learn from our mistakes and work to get better everyday. We can't dwell on the past, what's done is done." On failing to stop the Illini from converting third downs:

"Third downs were what really hurt us in today's game. I don't know how many times they converted for a third down, but I probably remember five times when we were on the field in third down and we couldn't stop Illinois. That only leads to bad things and we have to become better with that. I always stress on third down, play the sticks. Even if they catch the ball, you tackle them before the sticks and it's fourth down. We just didn't do that." WR Anthony McClung

On QB Munchie Legaux's injury:

"What happened to Munchie, you don't wish that on anybody in the country. Munchie's my best friend and my roommate so I hate to see that happen. We talk everyday and he's worked so hard to win the quarterback spot. Munchie got hurt and prayers go out to him, but we've also got to move forward and Brendon (Kay)'s a good quarterback, too."

On refocusing after the loss:

"We just beat ourselves today. We were 3 for 13 on third downs and had almost 50 yards in penalties. That can't happen if you want to win the game. So we'll get it corrected and be back next week."

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