They Said It: Illinois Players

Quotes from QB Nathan Scheelhaase, WR Steve Hull and LB Jonathan Brown about Illinois' win against Cincinnati.

QB Nathan Scheelhaase

On the game:

"I think it's always going to be a lot more fun when we're out there executing. I thought we responded better and we had a plan and plays that we really liked. And when those plays were called and the guys really came up on big plays, that's really great to see."

On the 99-yard drive and its significance:

"That was huge. I mean, our defense getting that stop down there, I thought they played great in the red zone all day long. You know, it was six, seven, eight plays down there and they had to do everything they could to get down there. As an offensive player, you know they're kind of in trouble because they shot off a lot of bullets at the point, but getting a big stop by our defense was huge. The first thing you want to do when you get back out on the field is get that first down and I think after we got that, you saw great execution. Right when we needed a stop by our defense, we got a stop, and right when we needed a big drive by our offense, we got one. We had guys stepping up at crucial moments and that was great to see."

WR Steve Hull

On the win:

"This win for us is spectacular and that's what we're going to focus on today. Tomorrow, we are going to focus back on Washington and keep moving forward."

On how close-knit the team is:

"Absolutely, the team is close. If you listen to our sidelines, you can tell the energy and passion are a lot different and no matter who is being successful, we're all ecstatic. No matter what happens in the game or who is against us, we're very positive and pick each other back up. It's a much different environment and we've become a lot closer."

On if this win feels different considering Cincinnati is a BCS team:

"Yeah, it does, especially since we were such underdogs coming into it. But I think what made us feel a lot better, at least personally, is that we finished the game the way we needed to and that was by grinding the ball out, throwing screen passes and bubbles and just letting DY (Donovonn Young) run down hill."

LB Jonathan Brown:

On what was the key defensively:

"Two goal line stands. We had a lot of young guys in there at that time, but they stepped up and we handled business and I think that is going to be a staple on defense this year. We just did what we had to do. We have great coaches and they scout these guys like no other. I mean, we have tip sheets, so they prepare us well. We just go out there and make the plays we need to make."

On being the underdogs going into the game:

"No one really gives us a chance, which is nothing new here. It's been that way almost of my four years here and it's something we work hard every day to try and change."

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