He Said It: Coach Tommy Tuberville

Cincinnati coach Tommy Tuberville talks about his team's loss Saturday to Illinois.

Opening statement:

"Just a little bit opposite of what we saw last week. Too many mistakes and (we've) got to give Illinois a lot of credit. They did a lot of things on offense. They a good job of coaching on both sides. The misdirection got us in the first half. We have speed on defense and they got us going one way, and went the other and we weren't able to shift gears and get back. That's a good job coaching by them.

"Offensively, we couldn't help our defense. We couldn't stay on the field and get any momentum. Third down beat us in the first half and really the second half a little. The second half we just didn't have anything on third down like we should have. You've got to be able to do a better job on third down conversions on both sides on the road."

On the injury to QB Munchie Legaux:

"Munchie… It doesn't look good. I feel bad for him. He was in pretty good pain on the field and so we won't guess. We'll just have to look and see. They took him straight to the hospital and we'll get some kind of idea of the injury here pretty soon, but I just hope that he's going to be fine and a lot of prayers going out for him."

Discussing on how difficult it is to try to get the team to refocus after an injury like that:

"Unfortunately, in this game, you have injuries like that. We'll just have to regroup. We don't have a lot of quarterbacks and that's our problem. Our centers, our backup center went down and we lost a starting corner in the first half. That's what you get when you start playing teams that are physical like that back-to-back and it's tough for the kids to go through that."

Discussing Munchie's third-quarter goal-line TD that was overturned by replay:

"He said he got over and they pulled it out. You know, replay has got to be conclusive and nobody could tell. I mean, he said he got it across and one of their guys ripped it out in the end zone. Unfortunately they reversed it, but it's got to be conclusive. It's just unfortunate something like that happens."

Discussing the momentum change after the goal-line stand:

"Well we're in striking distance and we've scored twice in a row and still got about seven minutes to go in the third quarter and they hadn't made a first down. Pretty much it just took the air out of us. And we got the ball back and it goes against us too, so it is what it is. When you're on the road, you got to play and you can't worry about anything like that. You got to pick up, and when things happen, you got to go with it and make sure that next time you make it no doubt."

Discussing the upfront battle on both sides and Illinois QB Nathan Scheelhaase:

"In the middle of the fourth quarter both teams had about the same amount of yardage and they had one turnover, they did, and we had too many penalties and it was on third down. They did a great job. Their quarterback out of the pocket did a great job of getting one receiver and finding him out of the pocket and making the play and keeping the chains going. We just had a tough time staying up with him and covering receivers for an extra two or three seconds. Their receivers did a good job of just keeping on running routes and he was able to find them."

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