They Said It: Washington Players

RB Bishop Sankey, DE Josh Shirley and DB Marcus Peters talk about Washington's win against Illinois.

RB Bishop Sankey:

On finishing:

"It is something that we preached all offseason and through camp, continuing to finish. I think we did a good job, digging deep down the stretch and we finished. We knew we just had to take it upon ourselves and fix the things that we needed to fix and just finish."

On looking forward:

"As a team and as a running back corps and me personally, we are all just thinking about moving forward and on to the next game and constantly getting better. We can't get complacent and that is something that we preach in the program."

DE Josh Shirley:

On improvements:

"In every department there should be improvement. The sky is the limit for this team. We just have to go back to the drawing board Monday and then get back together and make some corrections next week."

On finishing:

"We came together as a team and we had laser focus. Sometimes, in the past, we let our guard down at the end. This time we came together as a team and finished every play."

DB Marcus Peters:

On the team's season goals:

"We need to stay focused and not let anything get to us, to make sure we keep that bond as a group and as a team. We need to move on and take that next-play mentality. Every week we know we're going to face a great opponent and we just need to focus and do what we need to do."

On finishing:

"In practice coach puts us in those situations and tells us we have to finish. That's our main thing. We didn't finish last year in the last two games and every chance we get to finish off a team we just want to finish them off."

On playing at Soldier Field:

"It was a great experience to us. You might not ever get to play in an NFL Stadium. We got to play in the Seahawks' stadium last year but who knows if we're ever going to be able to come back to Soldier Field, play out here in Chicago and see the city."

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