Freshman Orientation: Mike Dudek

Get to know in-state recruit and early enrollee Mike Dudek, who hails from the west suburbs of Chicago.

Illinois freshman Mike Dudek is fresh off of his senior season at Neuqua Valley in Naperville. We know what he can do on the field, but I caught up with him to get to know a little more about Dudek off the field.

Now Playing: A lot of Drake. Some calming music when I do homework, and then some pump up when I need to get going.

Favorite movie recently seen: Lone Survivor

If he could challenge anyone in a footrace, it would be: Usain Bolt. To be the best you gotta beat the best!

Believes his biggest challenge coming into college will be: getting used to the speed of the game and athleticism of all the players on the field. But that's something you have to adapt to just like everyone else. You just have to to take into consideration it's still the same game you've been playing your whole life.

Thinks he'll adapt well because of: my speed and quickness.

Looking forward to spring football because: Mostly the college experience and meeting the team and building bonds with the players and coaches and starting off my college career!

On whether or not it has set in that he's now in college and high school is behind him: It really hasn't yet. Talking to my friends back home makes me feel like I'll be going home soon, but then I realize that I'm here for good and done with high school. It's time for the next step in my life.

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