Finke Having Successful Senior Season

Illinois signee Michael Finke has gotten his Champaign Centennial team off to a great start this year. Get the latest on his season and his progress as he prepares for his Illinois career.

It's been a busy winter for Illinois signee Michael Finke. When he's not making the long trek to Illinois home games, he's either in the gym working on his game or working to get his body right before college.

"I actually just got out of practice, but everything is going well," Finke said. "We have our cross-town rival tomorrow, so I'm really looking forward to that."

That work is evident in his team's record. Finke has his Champaign Centennial team playing hot right now and contending for a conference championship.

"Our season is going pretty well," he said. "We have only lost four games so far this year and we are 9-1 in conference. I'm just trying to finish out my high school career on a good note."

Aside from the number in the win column, one other number Finke is looking to increase is his body weight. Starting this spring, Finke went on a high-calorie diet to add body weight to prepare for the physicality of the Big Ten.

"The gain is going pretty well!," he said. "I weighed in at 215.5 as of Tuesday. It's hard to put weight on during the season, but it's coming along."

He continued, "I want to be around 225 to 230 by the first semester of school. If I could get there by June that would be perfect, but it's going to be really tough."

Aside from the physical change, Finke is noticing improvements in his game this season as well.

"I'm trying to be more consistent in shooting and I'm just trying to become a better rebounder and passer," he said. "I think I have been doing well with that so far."

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