Unfinished Business

Nick Allegretti has accomplished a lot in his high school career: An All-American Game bid, a scholarship to Illinois, and plenty of success on the field at Lincoln-Way East. But there's one thing that has still eluded the Illinois signee upon which his sights are set.

After making a deep run in the state wrestling playoffs last year, Illinois signee Nick Allegretti came up short of his goal of a state championship.

A year later, he's back at it again and knows that the top spot is within his reach.

"It's there for the taking," Allegretti said. "I just have to wrestle the way I know I can. I'm all wrestling and lifting right now."

Unlike the transition from football to basketball, Allegretti is glad that he doesn't have to change his training routine much between the two spots.

"Lifting-wise, I'm doing a lot of the same that I did for football," he said.

Allegretti spent a lot of time this season working on his strength, but wrestling is just as much about endurance as it is strength, and Allegretti is benefitting from the added cardio work he's doing during the wrestling season.

"Right now since I'm in season for wrestling," he said, "I'm just working on maintaining strength and wrestling has me in very good shape in terms of cardio."

And just as strength aided the shift to wrestling, Allegretti believes that the endurance work will give him a leg up when he goes back to training for football.

"Once wrestling is over, I will start lifting heavier and really just try to maintain my wrestling conditioning," he said. "Because good wrestling shape is great football shape."

Allegretti will do his best to be game ready when he steps on campus should he be called into action, but whether he plays or not as a freshman, he sees the silver lining in both.

"I'm going to go into camp and give it my best," he said. "Either I'll redshirt and get a year to get used to school and get bigger, or I'll play right away, so it's a win-win to me."

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