The Breakdown: Aaron Jordan

Aaron Jordan is a much different player with a whole new mindset this year. We take a closer look at his game after watching him in action recently.

Coming out of his sophomore year, Illinois shooting guard commit Aaron Jordan of Plainfield East High School was labeled a majority of the time exclusively as a shooter.

But he's doing a lot this year to buck that stereotype. Jordan has become much more assertive on the floor, and while he still looks to pull the trigger on an open three when he has the opportunity, he looks far more comfortable when driving to the hoop.

On several occasions, Jordan caught the ball coming off of a screen near the top of the key, and rather than look to force up a shot, he continued to follow his momentum and drove to the hoop, often drawing contact and getting to the free throw line.

Once Jordan got to the line, he converted a majority of his free throw attempts. If he continues to play with that aggressive mindset, he can use his ability to get a defender on his heels and draw fouls off of ball screens or in matchup situations.

Jordan still needs to add overall strength, especially in his lower body. Not much of a leaper, Jordan could benefit from added leg strength to help him contend for rebounds and change direction more quickly as well as get better lift on his jump shot.

As a defender, Jordan has long arms and is especially effective in face guarding his man. When off the ball, he has a good sense of the offense's screens and is very apt when it comes to help defense.

If Jordan can continue to add strength, his intelligence and work ethic will carry him a long way, and his game is a great fit for Coach Groce and Illinois.

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