The Essential List: Justin DuVernois

A look at Justin DuVernois -- one of a select group of players essential to Illinois this spring.

Justin DuVernois - Punter - 6-1, 190, Senior

The Word: DuVernois' average dropped slightly in 2013, but not enough to complain too much about the three-year starter. For the most part, the Florida native did his job and did it well. There were a few hand to the forehead moments though, short or shanked punts, that left some with a worrisome feeling when the punt team trotted out.

2013: 51 punts, average of 41.1 yards, long of 66, 13 inside the 20

Expectation: Again, like Taylor Zalewski, some might question why a specialist is on the Essential List. And like his kicking peer, it's because DuVernois is an experienced multi-year starter that must provide consistent play at a minimum to help his team. With Coach Tim Beckman entering a critical third season, senior players like DuVernois have to be steady and able to be counted on.

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